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Disease relevance of Dextrocardia


High impact information on Dextrocardia

  • In all three patients the crossover segment was associated with a variant of the scimitar syndrome: right lung hypoplasia with dextrocardia, aberrant systemic arterial supply to the right lower lobe, and anomalous venous drainage of the whole of the right lung, and in two patients with eventration of the right diaphragm [6].
  • In addition, patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, septal defects, dextrocardia, and anomalous pulmonary venous drainage have been reported anecdotally [7].
  • Secondary dextrocardia (39 cases) was due to intrathoracic displacement and, when caused by diaphragmatic hernia, was associated with cardiac malformations in 31% of cases [8].
  • In one patient with dextrocardia and the cardiac type of total anomalous pulmonary venous return, the abnormality was not recognized [9].
  • Right abnormal pulmonary venous return into the inferior vena cava associated with abnormal fissure, dextrocardia, and systemic arterial supply of a variable degree, are the characteristics of the scimitar syndrome [10].

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