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Tricuspid Valve

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Disease relevance of Tricuspid Valve


High impact information on Tricuspid Valve

  • The subaortic obstruction was a result of restrictive VSD in 29 patients and of double straddling of mitral and tricuspid valves once [6].
  • To explore the potential mechanisms for their effectiveness, we investigated the concentration-dependent effects of the Ic agent flecainide acetate (0.5 to 10 micrograms/mL) on atrial ectopic automaticity and exit conduction in isolated rabbit tricuspid valves [7].
  • Modifications of the Fontan procedure included transatrial baffle of pulmonary venous return to the tricuspid valve (n = 10) or inferior vena cava baffle within the right atrium to the superior vena caval-pulmonary artery anastomosis, with pulmonary artery augmentation (n = 66) [8].
  • In each case, the subpulmonary stenosis resulted from redundant tricuspid valve tissue which protruded through the ventricular septal defect and into the left ventricular outflow tract [9].
  • Right atrial invasive thymoma with protrusion through the tricuspid valve [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Tricuspid Valve


Biological context of Tricuspid Valve


Anatomical context of Tricuspid Valve


Associations of Tricuspid Valve with chemical compounds

  • Sterilization of tricuspid valve VEGS after catheter removal was also inhibited by dexamethasone [23].
  • Based on mg tissue protein, proline and inulin accumulations were equivalent for aortic, pulmonary, mitral, and tricuspid valve tissues, suggesting that these valve tissues may be used interchangeably in assessment of metabolic viability of cellular components of cardiovascular tissue [24].
  • Long-term survival was related to excessive urinary excretion of 5-hydroxyindole acetic acid of over 500 micromol in 24 h, but the main predictor of prognosis was the presence of severe structural and functional abnormalities of the tricuspid valve [25].
  • From March 1970 to December 1983, 45 patients had tricuspid valve replacement, either isolated (seven patients) or combined with replacement of other valves (38 patients) by means of a standard, glutaraldehyde-preserved Hancock porcine bioprosthesis [26].
  • A model of reentry around the tricuspid valve was produced in 17 chloralose anesthetized dogs using a Y-shaped lesion in the intercaval area that extended to the right atrial appendage [27].

Gene context of Tricuspid Valve


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Tricuspid Valve


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