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Eye Banks

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Disease relevance of Eye Banks


High impact information on Eye Banks

  • CONCLUSIONS: Retinal tissue RNA can be analyzed within the time constraints of current eye bank tissue processing, whereas analysis of RPE necessitates either rapid processing or use of RNAlater [4].
  • METHODS: Proteins from microdissected eye bank ocular ciliary body tissue were used to identify the corresponding ANCA antigen [5].
  • METHODS: Eight-millimeter-diameter macular discs from 88 unpaired human eye bank eyes were obtained within 72 hours of death, fixed in 10% neutral buffered formalin, and hemisected horizontally [6].
  • METHODS: The VISX Star (Santa Clara, CA) 193-nm argon fluoride excimer laser was used to ablate the cornea in human eye bank eyes under clinical conditions [7].
  • In 8 of 10 samples taken from patients during cataract surgery and in 7 of 10 eye bank eyes the amount of IL-6 was significantly lower (mean, 10 pg/ml and 136 pg/ml, respectively) [8].

Anatomical context of Eye Banks


Associations of Eye Banks with chemical compounds

  • METHODS: Scleral tissue from 97 human eye bank eyes was tested individually in a two-chamber Ussing apparatus with the following hydrophilic radiolabeled compounds on one side of the chamber: 5-fluorouracil, sucrose, dexamethasone, methotrexate, inulin, and three separate dextran polymers (MWt = 10,000, 40,000, and 70,000) [13].
  • Corneal penetration of sulfonamide carbonic anhydrase inhibitors for topical treatment of glaucoma has been tested in human eye bank and rabbit tissue [14].
  • The concentration of P-choline in 53 clear human lenses was 0.94 mM (+/- 0.31 S.D.) and was relatively unaffected by age, eye bank storage, or freezing [15].
  • Air bubble endothelial damage during phacoemulsification in human eye bank eyes: the protective effects of Healon and Viscoat [16].
  • METHODS: The Sovereign phacoemulsification unit (Allergan) was used in 3 modes in conjunction with the Olson irrigating chopper (ASICO) in 6 fresh human cadaver eye-bank eyes to determine the temperature at which a wound burn would occur [17].

Gene context of Eye Banks

  • Lenses from 42 eye bank eyes were assayed for glutathione peroxidase and glutathione reductase activities [18].
  • METHODS: Twenty-two human whole globes not suitable for transplantation were obtained from an eye bank (San Diego Eye Bank, San Diego, California) and used for study [19].
  • As EGF overcomes H2O2-induced rises in [Ca2+]i, its presence during eye bank storage could improve the outcome of corneal transplant surgery [20].
  • OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effects of the intrastromal corneal ring, a device developed to reduce myopia, on corneal asphericity in a large set of eye bank eyes [21].
  • After correction for calibration error, the CLC readings on eye bank eyes were 1.00 D higher in average (range +0.45 to +1.90) than those obtained with the SK-1 which gave lower keratometric values at the 2-mm chord diameter (-0.254 D, range: +0.05 to -0.7) [22].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Eye Banks


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