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Endemic Diseases

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Disease relevance of Endemic Diseases


High impact information on Endemic Diseases

  • Possible reasons for the lower-than-expected prevalence of lactose malabsorption in this population are the use of a physiological dose of lactose, and the fact that this population is well nourished and free from significant parasitism and other endemic diseases [6].
  • The protective effect of polymorphic variants in erythrocyte-specific structural proteins or metabolic enzymes against the blood-stage of the disease is one of the clearest illustrations of this genetic modulation, and has suggested co-evolution of the Plasmodium parasite with its human host in areas of endemic disease [7].
  • Elevation of the anti-Z immunoglobulin (Ig) antibody titer is a common feature of nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) in areas where the disease endemic, whereas R levels have not been examined [8].
  • The protein sequences of the IgA1 protease, TbpA and TbpB proteins differ between meningococci representative of serogroup A, subgroup IV-1 from epidemic disease in The Gambia and serogroup C, ET-37 complex from endemic disease in Mali [9].
  • The antigen showed no cross-reactivity with sera from other endemic diseases or healthy controls [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Endemic Diseases


Biological context of Endemic Diseases


Associations of Endemic Diseases with chemical compounds

  • SETTING: The tuberculosis component of the Infectious and Endemic Disease Control Project in the People's Republic of China is the largest single tuberculosis control project in the world using directly-observed therapy and standardized intermittent regimens [15].
  • The relationships between soil Se and human endemic diseases Keshan disease, Kashin-Back diseases and selenosis have been discussed [16].
  • Fluorescent humic substances (FHS) in well water of Blackfoot disease endemic areas were purified and fractionated by Sephadex G-25 column chromatography [14].
  • In this study, we treated this endemic disease with prostaglandin E1 (PGE1) infusion therapy [17].
  • This preliminary report attempts to characterize T. solium transmission in communities with endemic disease in rural Mexico and illustrates some of the methodological problems faced by epidemiologists who study this disease [18].

Gene context of Endemic Diseases


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Endemic Diseases


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