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Chemical Compound Review

CID456326     oxo-oxostibanyloxy-stibane; 2,3,4,5,6...

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Disease relevance of LS-2383

  • Pentostam, a Sb(V)-containing drug that is one of the first-line therapeutic agents for treatment of leishmaniasis, inhibited uptake after reaction with GSH [1].
  • Also, in promastigotes of both wild-type L. donovani and the Pentostam-resistant mutant L. donovani Ld1S.20, Sb(V) inhibited the toxicity of Sb(III) but not of As(III) [2].
  • In the present report, the oral antifungal agent ketoconazole (600 mg/day for 28 days) was compared to a recommended regimen of intramuscular Pentostam (20 mg antimony/kg, with a maximum of 850 mg antimony/day, for 20 days) in a randomized study of the treatment of Panamanian cutaneous leishmaniasis due to Leishmania braziliensis panamensis [3].
  • Thirty-five golden hamsters infected with Leishmania donovani were treated with Pentostam and followed up to determine the effect of treatment on the development of secondary amyloidosis [4].
  • In a model of visceral leishmaniasis, infected mice were treated with ineffective concentrations of rIFN-gamma (10(4) U) plus suboptimal doses of Pentostam (10 or 50 mg/kg) [5].

High impact information on LS-2383

  • We report that treatment with interleukin 12 (IL-12), in combination with the antimony-based leishmanicidal drug Pentostam, induces healing in L. major-infected mice and that healing is associated with a switch from a Th2 to a Th1 response [6].
  • Switch from a type 2 to a type 1 T helper cell response and cure of established Leishmania major infection in mice is induced by combined therapy with interleukin 12 and Pentostam [6].
  • Transfection of LmAQP1 in a Pentostam-resistant field isolate also sensitized the parasite in the macrophage-associated amastigote form [7].
  • Leishmania major LmACR2 is a pentavalent antimony reductase that confers sensitivity to the drug pentostam [8].
  • An IFN-secreting T cell line derived from the spleen of a chronically infected mouse, after boosting with leishmanial Ag and treatment with Pentostam to kill residual parasites, was able to activate macrophages to kill amastigotes in vitro [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of LS-2383


Biological context of LS-2383


Anatomical context of LS-2383

  • Partial or complete activation of macrophages as judged by killing of tumor cells significantly enhanced the efficacy of sodium antimony gluconate (Pentostam) [19].
  • The PENT0400 and PENT03200 cell lines were isolated after prolonged exposure to 0.4 mg/ml and 3.2 mg/ml Pentostam (Sb concentration), respectively [20].
  • Concentration of Pentostam in human breast milk [21].
  • In Pentostam-treated cultures, some organisms exhibited diminished definition of mitochondrial and other membranes, while other organisms had completely disintegrated [22].

Associations of LS-2383 with other chemical compounds


Gene context of LS-2383

  • In order to investigate the role of the expanding parasite population on the Th2 response, mice infected for 2 weeks with L. major, which exhibited a Th2-like cytokine profile, were treated with a leishmanicidal agent (Pentostam) and/or various doses of anti-IL-4 antibody [28].
  • However, in 8 of 10 mice treated with this dose of anti-IL-4 antibody plus Pentostam lesion development was arrested and lesions were either controlled or eventually healed [28].
  • Activities of hexadecylphosphocholine (miltefosine), AmBisome, and sodium stibogluconate (Pentostam) against Leishmania donovani in immunodeficient scid mice [29].
  • Synergism of IL-2-stimulated splenocytes and Pentostam enhances the killing of Leishmania donovani in vitro [30].
  • A complicated case of ACL, which showed feverish and widely disseminated ulcers over the face was successfully treated with systemic antibiotic and pentostam as intralesional injections [31].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of LS-2383


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