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Disease relevance of Hysterotomy


High impact information on Hysterotomy

  • After maternal anesthesia (pentobarbital, 60 mg/kg IP), laparotomy, and sequential regional hysterotomy, we exposed and then imaged individual embryos at 60 Hz (video) in the ventral and/or left anterior oblique views while maintaining uteroplacental continuity [2].
  • Mean hepatic AHH and hepatic and adrenal cytochromes P-450 and b5 were not significantly different in prostaglandin and hysterotomy abortuses; mean adrenal AHH was significantly lower in prostaglandin abortuses, but the ranges in both groups were overlapping [3].
  • Samples of endometrium (approximately 50 mg) were obtained by hysterotomy under sterile conditions at predetermined stages of separate menstrual cycles: day 9 (midproliferative; n = 5), day 13 (E peak; n = 3), day 14 (1 day post-E peak; n = 5), and day 23 (midsecretory; n = 8) [4].
  • Fetal sera (9-20 weeks fetal age, n = 80) and pituitary glands (9.5-20 weeks, n = 36) obtained from hysterotomy specimens, and amniotic fluids (amniocentesis; 8-40 weeks, n = 123) were assayed for FSH, LH (betaLH assay) and CG (betaCG assay) [5].
  • A tendency toward an increase in maternal PRL with advancing gestational age was observed in samples collected after hysterotomy [6].

Biological context of Hysterotomy

  • At 1 h after a single i.v. injection of [3H]thymidine, mitotic activity in endometrial biopsies (hysterotomy) was determined on 9 days from the late proliferative to the late luteal phase (-2 days to + 14 days relative to the estrogen [E2]peak) [7].
  • Ewes in the third stage of gestation underwent hysterotomy and delivery of the fetal head through an abdominal incision while under ketamine and halothane anesthesia [8].

Anatomical context of Hysterotomy


Associations of Hysterotomy with chemical compounds

  • Endometrial biopsies were obtained by hysterotomy at approximately 1 h after a single intravascular injection of [3H] thymidine ([3H]T) [11].
  • On gestational d 128, a hysterotomy was performed, and fetal adrenals were collected for morphometric analyses and immunocytochemical localization of 3beta -hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (3betaHSD) and cytochrome P-450 11beta -hydroxylase/aldosynthase [12].
  • For H076, at hysterotomy 1 hour after discontinuation of drug, values for AZT and the 3'-azido-3'-deoxythymidine-beta-D-glucuronide (AZTG) in fetal blood and amniotic fluid were twofold and threefold higher than those in maternal blood [13].
  • If we are to keep the term "classical" for the original fundal vertical uterine incision, then the other designations of hysterotomy should retain the same architectural context [14].
  • After repeat cesarean delivery, on day 19, the bursting pressure and hydroxyproline concentrations of the previous hysterotomy scar were determined [15].

Gene context of Hysterotomy


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Hysterotomy


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