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Chemical Compound Review

Nizoral     1-[4-[4-[[(2S,4S)-2-(2,4- dichlorophenyl)-2...

Synonyms: Fungoral, Fungarest, Ketoisdin, Xolegel, ketoconazole, ...
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Biological context of Nizoral

  • Following continuous oral treatment, the mean day 28 AUC for all-trans RA was significantly lower than that on day 1 (213 ng/mL per hour versus 467 ng/mL per hour; P < .01), a decline significantly attenuated by ketoconazole, which increased the mean plasma all-trans RA AUC on day 29 to 375 ng/mL per hour (P < .01) [20].
  • PURPOSE: We studied the clinical pharmacology of all-trans RA in cancer patients to determine possible mechanisms of acquired resistance and evaluated the potential for reversal by ketoconazole, an inhibitor of cytochrome-P450 oxidative enzymes [20].
  • Ketoconazole-deltanoid combinations produced only minor changes in intracellular calcium homeostasis compared with changes produced by 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3, either alone or in combination with ketoconazole [14].
  • CONCLUSIONS: The bioavailability of oral ketoconazole is reduced in patients with AIDS, largely as a result of gastric hypochlorhydria [21].
  • The binding of two molecules of ketoconazole to the CYP3A4 active site and the clear indication of multiple binding modes for erythromycin has implications for the interpretation of the atypical kinetic data often displayed by CYP3A4 [22].

Anatomical context of Nizoral

  • In cultured hepatocytes conversion of [4-14C]cholesterol into bile acids was dose dependently reduced by the antimycotic drug ketoconazole, giving half-maximal inhibition at 10 microM ketoconazole in rat hepatocytes and at 1 microM in human hepatocytes [23].
  • Ketoconazole binds to glucocorticoid receptors and exhibits glucocorticoid antagonist activity in cultured cells [15].
  • When patients who had received allogeneic bone-marrow transplant were studied separately, there was no significant difference between the two treatments, probably because there was a fall-off in ketoconazole absorption from the end of the third week after the transplant [24].
  • The encouraging clinical responses, convenience, safety, and the consistent penetration of ketoconazole into obstructed and nonobstructed cerebrospinal fluid support the use of these regimens as alternatives to conventional therapy [25].
  • High-dose ketoconazole for treatment of fungal infections of the central nervous system [25].

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