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Disease relevance of Homicide

  • No significant associations were found of serum cholesterol level with death from colon cancer, with accidental deaths, or with homicides [1].
  • In humans defined lithium deficiency diseases have not been characterized, but low lithium intakes from water supplies were associated with increased rates of suicides, homicides and the arrest rates for drug use and other crimes [2].
  • The number of AIS-grade 2 injuries increased from 1981 to 1987 due to an increased number of facial injuries, but the number of homicides and AIS-grade 4-6 injuries decreased in the interval [3].
  • For methamphetamine-related deaths there was no significant difference between mean tissue concentrations in accidental overdoses and in homicides [4].
  • Forty-five percent of the homicides were by head trauma, 12% by abdominal or body trauma, 25% by asphyxia (with half of these due to drowning), 10% by carbon monoxide poisoning or thermal injury, and the remaining 8% involving cases of neglect, stabbing, and poisoning [5].

High impact information on Homicide

  • Approximately one third of deaths after cocaine use were the result of drug intoxication, but two thirds involved traumatic injuries resulting from homicides, suicides, traffic accidents, and falls [6].
  • Sharp increases in methaqualone-related traumatic suicides, nonvehicular accidents, and homicides have occurred since 1978 [7].
  • Two homicides and one suicide were propylhexedrine-related [8].
  • To test this assumption, 222 intra-racial domestic homicides (186 Black and 36 White victims) committed in Atlanta, 1971-1972, were subjected to analysis [9].
  • The most important predictors of genocide fear were sex (Beta = .33; p less than .001) and education (Beta = .14; p less than .01) [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Homicide


Biological context of Homicide

  • MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: The number of overdose deaths and the proportion of homicides and traffic fatalities with a positive cocaine toxicology test result on days with a maximum temperature above or below the temperature threshold [12].

Associations of Homicide with chemical compounds

  • The Helsinki Heart Study and the Lipid Research Clinics Coronary Primary Prevention Trial both reported higher rates of deaths due to homicides, suicides, and accidents in the groups receiving cholesterol-lowering agents compared with the groups receiving placebos [13].
  • METHOD: Total plasma and free l-tryptophan and competing amino acids (CAAs) were measured in a 15-year-old adolescent offender, who was convicted for two homicides, and in 10 healthy male controls of similar age and body mass index (BMI) [14].
  • Twenty five child homicides investigated in the Cologne University Institute of Forensic Medicine from 1985-94 were retrospectively analysed with special reference to the evidential value of the autopsy findings and possible peculiarities related to the infants' physiological condition [15].
  • Crossbow homicides [16].
  • 1. primary suspicion of intoxication (n=18) confirmed in 6 cases including 3 homicides (with parathion, clozapin, diazepam) which are described in more detail [17].

Gene context of Homicide

  • In order to determine whether firearm use was an increasing component of the general pattern of homicide in Cape Town, South Africa, hidden Markov time-series models were used to examine a week-by-week count of firearm homicides, non-firearm homicides, firearm suicides and non-firearm suicides for the 6-year period from 1986 to 1991 [18].
  • Fifteen homicides took place in Paris. The other 66 cases were from its suburbs [19].
  • Among the cases we examined, 34 deaths were determined as SIDS, while seven were moded as accidents and two as homicides [20].
  • PCP was detected in an additional 100 deaths: 81 homicides, 13 suicides, and 6 accidental deaths [21].
  • To test these hypotheses MDS analyses were carried out on the crime scene and offender characteristics derived from 82 single offender, single victim stranger homicides [22].


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