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Disease relevance of Overdose


Psychiatry related information on Overdose


High impact information on Overdose

  • Fluoxetine does not have the anticholinergic, hypotensive, and sedative effects of tricyclic antidepressant drugs and has no particular cardiovascular effects; overdoses do not cause serious toxic effects [10].
  • Concentrations of PCP that produced near-maximum contractile responses on cerebral arteries were similar to those in the blood and brain of human subjects who had died from PCP overdoses [11].
  • RESULTS: A threshold temperature of 31.1 degrees C (88 degrees F) was identified, above which the mean daily number of fatal cocaine overdoses increased steadily [12].
  • Morphine was detected in the blood of five persons (31%) and cocaine in the blood of three persons (19%) dying of 3-methylfentanyl overdoses; these were demographically similar to 99 other fatal overdose cases investigated by the county coroner from 1986 through 1988 [13].
  • We treated two patients with phenobarbital overdoses with the nasogastric administration of multiple doses of activated charcoal [14].

Chemical compound and disease context of Overdose


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Anatomical context of Overdose


Gene context of Overdose

  • Results showed a decrease in catalase activity of the PFC and ST after SE and death induced by cocaine and bupropion overdoses [28].
  • Therapeutic doses of the COX-2 inhibitors and overdoses of acetaminophen have been associated with the development of occasional cases of acute renal failure [29].
  • The increasing use of MAO-A inhibitors and SSRIs in the treatment of depression suggests that careful clinical observation is required when combination overdoses are suspected [30].
  • Coma blisters have been reported after drug overdoses, but clinically similar blisters (not tested by biopsy) have been seen in other cases of coma [31].
  • Twelve percent of alprazolam overdoses had a GCS < 9 compared with 10% for other benzodiazepines [32].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Overdose


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