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Chemical Compound Review

Niobium-97     niobium

Synonyms: AC1L50GN, Niobium, isotope of mass 97
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Disease relevance of niobium


High impact information on niobium

  • Experiments used the BCS density of states in superconducting niobium for transparency distribution probing [3].
  • Matrix isolation infrared spectroscopic and theoretical studies on the reactions of niobium and tantalum mono- and dioxides with methane [4].
  • The influence of niobium and vanadium as alloying elements on titanium alloy passivity have been investigated in Hanks' Balanced Salt Solution (HBSS), at 37 degrees C and pH 6.9.Ti6Al4V and Ti6Al6Nb have been considered [5].
  • These surfaces can be used to compare and contrast the response of osteoblasts to Ti and other alloy components, such as Al, V, or Nb, which are used in load-bearing medical implants [6].
  • Synthesis of a homoleptic niobium(V) thiolate complex and the preparation of niobium sulfide via thio "sol-gel" and vapor phase thin-film experiments [7].

Biological context of niobium

  • The best antimicrobial effects were observed in the slides of stainless steel treated at 700 degrees C and 800 degrees C using an initial cell density of approximately 10(5) cells ml(-1) and phosphate-buffered saline as the solution in which the bacteria came into contact with copper and niobium-containing steel [8].
  • In safety assessment of French long-lived nuclear waste disposal, data concerning the mobility and the bioavailability of Nb in soils are needed as well as general trends of its fate in the specific environment around the site of French underground research laboratory [9].
  • Electrical properties of niobium-doped titanium dioxide. 2. Equilibration kinetics [10].
  • New anatase-type titania solid solutions co-doped with niobium and aluminum (Til-2xNbxAIlxO2 (X = 0 -0.20)) were synthesized as nanoparticles from precursor solutions of TiOSO4, NbCl5, and Al(NO3)3 under mild hydrothermal conditions at 180 degrees C for 5 h using the hydrolysis of urea [11].

Anatomical context of niobium


Associations of niobium with other chemical compounds

  • Single-crystal X-ray diffraction data (Mo Kalpha radiation) are used to re-refine the structure of RbNbOB2O5, rubidium niobium oxo pyroborate [16].
  • The niobium filtration removes the molybdenum K beta line almost completely from the beam spectrum whereas a Mo filtration is needed to avoid the increases both in the low-energy component of the incident beam and in the higher energy component of the transmitted one [17].
  • In vitro experiments have been carried out to study the solubility and metabolic behaviour in human lung tissue and plasma of hard metal alloy constituents such as cobalt, tungsten, tantalum, titanium and niobium [18].
  • The experimental results obtained with indium and niobium oxides (critical concentrations of about 0.35 mol dm(-3)) confirmed this trend [19].
  • OBJECTIVE: To compare the first generation VIXA (Gendex, Milan, Italy) and the RVG-S (Trophy Radiologie, Vincennes, France) for detection of defects in an aluminium test object at various exposures both with and without added niobium filtration [20].

Gene context of niobium

  • Niobium disulfide, NbS(2), has been successfully prepared via a thio "sol-gel" process using [Nb(SC(6)H(3)Me(2)-2,6)(5)] as the metal source [7].
  • A small-volume grid-supported niobium target was constructed for the production of [18F]-fluoride on a CTI RDS 112 cyclotron [21].
  • An in vitro investigation was carried out to compare CCD-based intraoral radiographic systems with E-speed film for the detection of proximal enamel defects beneath orthodontic bands, with and without added niobium filtration to attenuate the x-ray beam [22].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of niobium


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