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Chemical Compound Review

Basthioryl     1,1,3,3-tetramethylthiourea

Synonyms: TMTU, CHEMBL12214, CCRIS 4871, NA-101, AG-E-88872, ...
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Gene context of Basthioryl

  • The asbestos-induced increase in TNF-alpha, as well as in interleukin-1 alpha, and their inhibition by tetramethylthiourea occurred at the transcriptional level [15].
  • DMTU and TMTU attenuated (P < 0.001) the MC + IgGAg-induced migration of Mphi as well as IgGAg-induced mRNA expression for RANTES and MCP-1 [16].
  • Rats treated with each of the alkylthioureas exhibited marked increases of mEH and rGSTA2 mRNA levels with TMT being the most effective [3].


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