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ROC Curve

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  • The area under the ROC curve was 0.58 (P = 0.49) for the absolute neutrophil count, 0.84 (P = 0.007) for soluble Fcgamma receptor III levels, and 0.73 (P = 0.03) for G-CSF levels [25].
  • Although the area under the ROC curve for sputum ECP was greater than those for blood eosinophils and serum ECP, the differences could have occurred by chance (p > or = 0.1) [26].
  • Summary receiver operating characteristics (ROC) curves indicated a reasonable predictive performance toward IUI outcome, and, at cut-off levels between 0.8 to 5 million motile spermatozoa, the postwash TMC provided a substantial discriminative performance [27].
  • RESULTS: Serial estimates of fetal weight resulted in a significantly larger area under the ROC curve compared with the final aortic-middle cerebral PI ratio in the prediction of an abnormal mid-arm circumference-HC ratio and compared with the final AC, EFW, and umbilical artery PI in the prediction of all neonatal morphometric indices [28].
  • Using ROC analysis, fertilization in IVF (mature oocytes only) was compared to performance of the sperm in the sperm-zona pellucida binding test as expressed by hemizona index (HZI; [number of test sperm bound/number of control sperm bound] x 100) [29].

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