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Chemical Compound Review

Imexonum     4-amino-1,3- diazabicyclo[3.1.0]hex-3-en- 2-one

Synonyms: Amplimexon, Imexon, AGN-PC-004KVF, CHEMBL146428, AG-K-61494, ...
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Disease relevance of Imexon


High impact information on Imexon

  • Imexon reduced the incidence of lymphoma in severe combined immune deficient mice inoculated with human lymphocytes [2].
  • RESULTS: The concentration of imexon that caused 50% inhibition of growth was under 10 micrograms/mL for lymphocytes stimulated with mitogens [2].
  • Cells exposed to inhibitory concentrations of imexon were blocked in cell cycle progression [2].
  • Antiproliferative and antitumor activity of the 2-cyanoaziridine compound imexon on tumor cell lines and fresh tumor cells in vitro [2].
  • Flow cytometric experiments have shown that imexon treatment is associated with the formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and the loss of mitochondrial membrane potential (Deltapsi(m)) in imexon-sensitive myeloma cell lines and NB-4 cells [3].

Biological context of Imexon


Anatomical context of Imexon


Associations of Imexon with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Imexon

  • Although there was a positive correlation between increasing CuZnSOD levels and imexon resistance, no relationship was found for catalase, Bcl-2, mitochondrial thioredoxin or MnSOD levels [10].
  • Imexon cytotoxicity was unchanged in three RPMI8226 cell lines with different levels (low, medium and high) of FAS expression [11].
  • However, it was unknown whether imexon activates an intrinsic apoptotic pathway that is associated with activation of caspase-9 or an extrinsic pathway that is induced by receptor-mediated signals such as Fas ligand characterized by caspase-8 activation [11].
  • Damage to mitochondrial DNA was detected by a semiquantitative polymerase chain reaction assay in imexon-treated RPMI 8226 cells; however, nuclear DNA was not affected [3].
  • The following immunomodulators were evaluated, listed in the order of their ability to inhibit the FV disease: imexon > MVE-2 > human recombinant IFN-alpha A/D > AS101 > ampligen > AM-3 = oxamisole > ImuVert > bropirimine [12].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Imexon


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