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Gene Review

ADRA2B  -  adrenoceptor alpha 2B

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: ADRA2L1, ADRA2RL1, ADRARL1, ALPHA2BAR, Alpha-2 adrenergic receptor subtype C2, ...
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Disease relevance of ADRA2B


High impact information on ADRA2B

  • We have isolated a cDNA clone (RB alpha 2B) and its homologous gene (GR alpha 2B) encoding an alpha 2B-adrenergic receptor subtype by screening a rat brain cDNA and a rat genomic library [2].
  • We provide a simultaneous reconstruction of phylogeny and age of the four radiations based on a 3.5-kb data set from three nuclear genes (ADRA2B, vWF, and AR) [3].
  • Polymorphic deletion of three intracellular acidic residues of the alpha 2B-adrenergic receptor decreases G protein-coupled receptor kinase-mediated phosphorylation and desensitization [4].
  • In this study we investigated whether the 12Glu9 polymorphism in the gene encoding the alpha2B-adrenergic receptor ( ADRA2B) is associated with insulin secretion and/or the incidence of Type 2 diabetes in individuals with impaired glucose tolerance [5].
  • Several common polymorphisms (>10% minor allele frequency) at ADRA2B (insertion/deletion polymorphism [Glu 322-325 ], G-98C, C1182A, and C1776A) did not show an association with either B max or K d for the drug response [6].

Biological context of ADRA2B

  • Cardiovascular and metabolic phenotypes in relation to the ADRA2B insertion/deletion polymorphism in a Chinese population [7].
  • CONCLUSION: In Chinese men, the I allele of the ADRA2B gene is associated with higher blood pressure, but also with a more favourable metabolic phenotype [7].
  • Subtype-specific probes to the murine homologs of the human ADRA2B and ADRA2C genes were prepared by PCR amplification and used to map these two genes to mouse chromosomes 2 and 5, respectively [8].
  • ADRA2A and ADRA2B each had a single haplotype block at least 11 and 16 kb in size, respectively, in both populations [9].
  • In contrast, inhibition curves for both ligands in the human caudate nucleus were consistent with a model of two classes of binding sites in approximately equal proportions, suggesting that this tissue contains approximately equal densities of the alpha-2A and alpha-2B adrenergic receptor subtypes [10].

Anatomical context of ADRA2B


Associations of ADRA2B with chemical compounds


Other interactions of ADRA2B


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ADRA2B


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