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Gene Review

Adra2b  -  adrenergic receptor, alpha 2b

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Adra-2b, Alpha-2B adrenergic receptor, Alpha-2B adrenoceptor, Alpha-2B adrenoreceptor, Alpha-2BAR, ...
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Disease relevance of Adra2b


Psychiatry related information on Adra2b

  • In the alpha2B AR and alpha2C AR knock-out mice, Dex produced a dose-dependent reduction in spontaneous locomotor activity with ED50 values of 29.1+/-6.4 (P>0.05 vs WT control) and 57.5+/-11.3 (P>0.05 vs WT control) microg kg(-1), respectively [2].

High impact information on Adra2b

  • Our results show that the alpha 1 and alpha 2A domains of the H-2Kk antigen can constitute target molecules for alloimmune anti-Kk T cells, whereas the alpha 2B region, when exchanged for Kd or Kb sequences, plays only a limited role [3].
  • Although alpha2-adrenoceptors (alpha2-ARs) have been suggested to have a modulatory role in these disorders, the specific roles of each alpha2-AR subtype (alpha2A, alpha2B, and alpha2C) are largely unknown [4].
  • The third intracellular loops of the alpha 2A, alpha 2B, and alpha 2C-AR subtypes interact with spinophilin, a multidomain protein that, like the three alpha 2-AR subtypes, is enriched at the basolateral surface of MDCKII cells [5].
  • Here, we have analyzed and compared the performance of three nuclear genes (von Willebrand Factor, interphotoreceptor retinoid-binding protein, and Alpha 2B adrenergic receptor) for a large taxonomic sampling, covering the whole rodent and placental diversity [6].
  • The unglycosylated alpha 2B subtype of the alpha 2-adrenergic receptor found in NG-108-15 cells possesses allosteric regulation of adrenergic ligand binding by monovalent cations and 5-amino-substituted amiloride analogs [7].

Biological context of Adra2b

  • The selective expression of alpha2B in brain as indexed by beta-galactosidase, under the direction of this promoter region, may be traced in situ by using X-gal staining [8].
  • No bands were seen for HT29, NG108 and OK cells when hybridized with a third alpha 2-adrenoceptor human genomic DNA probe which is localized in chromosome 2 (alpha 2-C2) [9].
  • In the alpha2B AR and alpha2C AR knock-out mice, Dex produced a dose-dependent reduction in body temperature with ED50 values of 28.4+/-4.8 (P>0.05 vs WT control) and 54.1+/-8.0 (P>0.05 vs WT control) microg kg(-1), respectively [2].
  • CONCLUSIONS: These results indicate that etomidate acts as an agonist at alpha2-adrenoceptors, which appears in vivo primarily as an alpha2B-receptor-mediated increase in blood pressure [10].
  • The deduced amino acid sequence of the M alpha 2-2H shows 82% and 96% identity to the human alpha 2-C2 and the rat RNG alpha 2 adrenergic receptors, respectively [11].

Anatomical context of Adra2b


Associations of Adra2b with chemical compounds

  • Which of the three alpha2-adrenoceptor subtypes of alpha2A, alpha2B, or alpha2C mediates the neuroprotective effect of dexmedetomidine was examined in cell culture as well as in an in vivo model of neonatal asphyxia [16].
  • When expressed in Spodoptera frugiperda Sf9 cells the alpha2A subtype showed only inhibition of forskolin-stimulated cAMP production when activated by norepinephrine (NE), whereas the alpha2B subtype displayed a biphasic dose-response curve with inhibition at low concentrations of NE and a potentiation at higher concentrations [17].
  • The alpha-2B preferential antagonists ARC-239, prazosin or chlorpromazine failed to block the modifications in both glycemic and insulin levels induced by alpha-2 adrenoceptor stimulation [18].
  • 2. Comparing the effects of the GlyR agonists, glycine, beta-alanine and taurine, on the GlyR alpha2 isoforms, revealed a significant increase in potency for all three agonists at the alpha2B variant [19].
  • 6-chloro-9-[(3-methyl-2-butenyl)oxy]-3-methyl-1H-2,3,4,5-tetrahydro-3- benzazepine (SK&F 104078) did not differentiate between the alpha-2A and alpha-2B receptor subtypes [20].

Other interactions of Adra2b

  • Expression levels of Adra2a and Adra2b mRNA in brain and kidney are not altered by the Adra2c knockout [21].
  • Radioligand binding studies showed that the alpha 2-adrenoceptor expressed in HT29, NG108 and OK cells represent the pharmacological alpha 2A, alpha 2B and alpha 2C subtypes respectively [9].
  • Activation of the wild-type alpha2B AR-Galpha15 fusion protein in CHO-K1 cells by (-)-adrenaline induced a time- and concentration-dependent (pEC50 = 7.37+/-0.13) increase in the intracellular Ca2+ concentration, which could be antagonized by RX 811059 (pK(B) = 7.55+/-0.15) [22].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Adra2b


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