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Gene Review

ADRA2C  -  adrenoceptor alpha 2C

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: ADRA2L2, ADRA2RL2, ADRARL2, ALPHA2CAR, Alpha-2 adrenergic receptor subtype C4, ...
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Disease relevance of ADRA2C

  • Sequence variations in the human alpha2 adrenergic receptor genes (ADRA2A and ADRA2C) have been implicated as a cause of hypertension in blacks [1].
  • The alpha 2-adrenoceptors of the human retinoblastoma cell line (Y79) may represent an additional example of the alpha 2C-adrenoceptor [2].

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Biological context of ADRA2C


Anatomical context of ADRA2C


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Other interactions of ADRA2C

  • Three genes encode alpha2-AR subtypes carrying common functional polymorphisms (ADRA2A Asn251Lys, ADRA2B Ins/Del301-303 and ADRA2C Ins/Del322-325) [8].
  • These findings exclude a strong effect of this ADRA2C marker on risk for ADHD in our sample of adult proband families [20].
  • The investigation of families carrying recombinant chromosomes, pulsed-field analysis, and genomic walking mapped the ADRA2C gene adjacent to D4S81, 500 kb proximal to the HD gene [9].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ADRA2C


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