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Gene Review

RHOH  -  ras homolog family member H

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: ARHH, GTP-binding protein TTF, Rho-related GTP-binding protein RhoH, RhoH, TTF, ...
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Disease relevance of RHOH


High impact information on RHOH

  • These data demonstrate that RhoH is required for maintenance of lymphocyte LFA-1 in a nonadhesive state [5].
  • In this study, we generated a Jurkat T cell clone, J+hi1.14, that contained low amounts of mRNA for RhoH, a leukocyte-specific inhibitory Rho family member [5].
  • Reconstitution of RhoH mRNA expression in J+hi1.14 cells reverted the adhesion phenotype to that of wild-type [5].
  • Other genes observed were SELL and LPXN, which were highly expressed in spleen, and lymphoma oncogenes, such as ARHH and TCL1 [6].
  • However, RhoH is a potent inhibitor of the activation of NFkappaB and p38 by other Rho GTPases [7].

Biological context of RHOH


Anatomical context of RHOH

  • Reduction of RhoH levels in T cells augments the response to Rac activation [7].
  • Furthermore, RhoH is dramatically down regulated after phorbol myristate acetate treatment and in Th1 cells after activation by anti-CD3 [7].
  • RhoH is encoded by a hematopoiesis-specific Rho-related gene recently identified in a fusion transcript with bcl6 in lymphoma cell lines [7].
  • This gene encodes an actin-binding protein and is the second LAZ3 partner gene, with the RhoH/TTF gene, involved in actin cytoskeleton organization [10].
  • Our results show that erythrocyte membrane modulation markedly enhanced direct Rhop-H binding to intact human erythrocytes [11].

Associations of RHOH with chemical compounds

  • RhoH is required to maintain the integrin LFA-1 in a nonadhesive state on lymphocytes [5].
  • CONCLUSION: Patients with normal serum HER-2/neu receiving letrozole demonstrated a significantly greater ORR and CB and longer TTP and TTF than patients receiving tamoxifen [12].
  • Although in patients with elevated serum HER-2/neu there was no significant difference between letrozole and tamoxifen in ORR or CB, there was a strong trend favoring longer TTP and significantly longer TTF with letrozole [12].
  • A new class of pi-extended TTF-type electron donors (11 a-c) has been synthesized by Wittig-Horner olefination of bianthrone (9) with 1,3-dithiole phosphonate esters (10 a-c) [13].
  • Effects of structural factors on the pi-dimerization and/or disproportionation of the cation radical of extended TTF containing thiophene-based pi-conjugated spacers [14].

Other interactions of RHOH

  • Unlike most other small G proteins which are expressed ubiquitously, TTF was transcribed only in hemopoietic cells as a 2.2 kb transcript [15].
  • Extensive expression analysis allowed the detection of RhoH transcripts in all hematopoietic lineages (lymphoid, erythroid, myeloid), with a high level in lymphoid cells [2].
  • We studied the effects of membrane modulation on the interaction of Plasmodium falciparum rhoptry proteins of 140/130/110 kDa (Rhop-H) with human and mouse erythrocytes [11].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of RHOH


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