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Gene Review

ACTG1  -  actin, gamma 1

Canis lupus familiaris

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  • Although the proportion of beta-actin was unchanged, the proportion of alpha-actin in the gallbladder was less in the animals fed the high-cholesterol diet (32.6% +/- 1.5% in the control animals and 24.6% +/- 0.4% in the diet animals) [4].
  • Relative to both MDCK and MSV-MDCK cells, the MSV-MDCK-INV cells exhibit increased expression of beta-actin and redistribution of beta-actin to the tips of pseudopodia [1].
  • Our results indicate that acid secretagogue-specific receptor activation in parietal cells triggers coordinate gene expression of the two enzymes involved in H+ ion generation and that beta-actin may be an important regulator of acid secretion [5].
  • Furthermore, pronounced increases, with different kinetics, in expression of beta-actin mRNA were observed [5].
  • With increasing time after cell isolation, carbonic anhydrase II and H+,K+-ATPase, but not beta-actin, mRNA levels were attenuated, suggesting that parietal cell-specific genes may be dependent upon maintenance of parietal cell contacts within intact mucosal tissue [5].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of LOC442937

  • In contrast, mean nitric oxide synthase/beta-actin in the medulla of the obstructed kidney was 1.29 +/- 0.33 densitometry units, greater than the 0.34 +/- 0.03 densitometry units in the unobstructed kidney (p <0.05) [14].
  • Furthermore, both staining and immunoblotting showed markedly increased beta-actin protein in myocardium within 24 h of either regional left ventricular damage or chronic volume overload [8].
  • Beta-actin mRNA expression and structural change of its 3' untranslated region (UTR) which are considered a non-specific marker for vascular remodeling, were examined by Northern analysis and polymerase chain reaction analysis in a canine basilar artery after experimental SAH [3].


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