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Gene Review

lds  -  lodestar

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: CG2684, DmF2, Dmel\CG2684, Fs(3)Hor, Fs(3)Horka, ...
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High impact information on lds

  • Prevalence is estimated to be as high as 1 in 10,000 (ref. 4). We carried out genome-wide linkage exclusion analysis in 12 families with CdLS and identified four candidate regions, of which chromosome 5p13.1 gave the highest multipoint lod score of 2 [1].
  • Using a genome-wide screen in four JP kindreds without germline mutations in MADH4 or PTEN, we identified linkage with markers from chromosome 10q22-23 (maximum lod score of 4.74, straight theta=0.00) [2].
  • Chromosome tangling and breakage at anaphase result from mutations in lodestar, a Drosophila gene encoding a putative nucleoside triphosphate-binding protein [3].
  • Here we report the cloning, DNA sequence, genomic structure, ecdysone inducibility, and temporal expression of an early gene residing in the 23E early puff and denoted E23 (Early gene at 23) [4].
  • E47 is a widely expressed transcription factor that activates B-cell-specific immunoglobulin gene transcription and is required for early B-cell development [5].

Biological context of lds


Anatomical context of lds


Associations of lds with chemical compounds

  • We show here that the transcript release activity of factor 2 requires ATP or dATP and that adenosine 5'-O-(thiotriphosphate) (ATPgammaS), adenosine 5'-(beta,gamma-imino)triphosphate (AMP-PNP), or other NTPs do not support the activity [12].
  • We combined these promoters with either a short, double poly-adenylation site derived from the Heliothis virescens p63 chaperonin gene, or with a fusion of the small t intron with the early 3' untranslated region and poly-adenylation sites of SV40 [13].
  • Evidence for an Early Gene Duplication Event in the Evolution of the Mitochondrial Transcription Factor B Family and Maintenance of rRNA Methyltransferase Activity in Human mtTFB1 and mtTFB2 [14].

Other interactions of lds


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of lds


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