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Gene Review

OMS  -  otitis media, susceptibility to

Homo sapiens

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Disease relevance of OMS


Psychiatry related information on OMS

  • The need for outcome monitoring systems (OMS) in substance abuse treatment is now such a pervasive position that it has achieved 'motherhood' stature [6].

High impact information on OMS


Biological context of OMS

  • In contrast to the a- or hypoplasia and regeneration of the hematopoiesis following chemotherapy, the evolution of myelosclerotic lesions showed a very uniform pattern throughout the skeleton and obviously no reversal of a manifest MS/OMS after cytotoxic treatment [12].
  • At this concentration, OMS 2017 affected fecundity of the mosquito but diflubenzuron did not [13].
  • RESULTS: Divided into different disciplines (imaging, abdominal and thoracic surgery, ENT, OMS, neurosurgery, orthopaedic surgery, radiosurgery, trauma surgery, urology), 159 robot systems are introduced [14].
  • The megakaryocyte morphology was closely related to a facultative or obligatory increase of the platelet count in these various entities of CMPD and was separable into two major categories: (1) controls, CGL and myelitis versus (2) CMGM, MF/OMS, P. vera, TH and PTH [15].

Anatomical context of OMS

  • The density distribution shows an increase of megakaryocyte number in those 5 different marrow disorders, ranging from about 13/mm2 in the normal sample up to 65 cells/mm2 in MF/OMS [16].
  • Aberrations are particularly conspicuous when pure granulocytic proliferation or neoplasia of CGL is compared with the so-called mixed cellularity of megakaryocytes and granulocytes in CMGM including MF/OMS [17].
  • Our measurements suggests 3 distinct categories of bone marrow lesions with corresponding alterations of the megakaryopoiesis: (i) myelitis and CGL; (ii) P. vera; (iii) CMGM and MF/OMS [16].
  • In most cases, MF/OMS was shown (by means of follow-up biopsies) to arise out of those entities of MPD which had included megakaryocytic hyperplasia and to which the proliferation of fibroblasts was secondary [18].

Associations of OMS with chemical compounds

  • Elevated values for urinary hydroxyproline excretion were found in 10 patients (1 AMF patient, 3 OMS patients and 6 patients with CML in the accelerated phase of the disease) [19].
  • OMS 2017 and DFB had no effect on either the amount of blood ingested or the microfilarial load [20].
  • An operational trial of Vectron (Etofenprox, OMS 3002) was conducted in East Flores Regency, Nusa Tenggara Timur Province [21].
  • 3. Organophosphate-resistant S. damnosum s.l. larvae show increased susceptibility to some organochlorine and pyrethroid insecticides, especially to permethrin (up to 11-fold) and OMS 3002 (up to 17-fold), as compared with organophosphate-susceptible populations [22].
  • Molluscicidal activity of B-2 (sodium 2,5-dichloro-4-bromophenol; called as Phebrol and registered in WHO as OMS 3012) was evaluated in a laboratory and the field trials were performed in two different localities in Yueyang city, China, for control of Oncomelania hupensis [23].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of OMS

  • OMS programs offering MD degrees: survey of admission and educational requirements. Oral and maxillofacial surgery [24].
  • METHODS: Eleven freestanding ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) reported process and outcome data for 3,966 outpatient surgical procedures to an outcomes monitoring system (OMS), during a demonstration period from April 1997 to April 1999 [25].


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