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Gene Review

EPD  -  Epilepsy, pyridoxine-dependent

Homo sapiens

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Disease relevance of EPD

  • However, 29% of patients in the BSE group developed severe hypotension, requiring IV ephedrine (29% in the BSE group versus 7% and 12% in the EPD and SUF groups, respectively) [1].
  • Twenty-four percent of patients in the SUF group developed FHR abnormalities (bradycardia or late decelerations) during the first hour after initiation of analgesia compared with 12% in the BSE group and 11% in the EPD group [1].
  • METHODS: fPSA, tPSA, and the fPSA/tPSA ratio were determined in the sera of 50 men with benign nonprostatic urologic diseases (EPD), 112 patients with prostate cancer (PCa), and 218 with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). mRNA was extracted from the circulating mononuclear cells of 13 EPD samples, 25 PCa samples, and 38 BPH samples [2].
  • Twenty-one such cases were born and raised in the province of Saskatchewan. Nineteen of these 21 patients spent the first 15 years of life exclusively in rural Saskatchewan. Detailed population analysis indicates a strong predisposition to early onset idiopathic Parkinson's Disease (EPD) in those raised in rural areas (p = 0.0154) [3].
  • Using interviews, this qualitative study describes the subjective experiences of five families with children who are chronically ill and the experiences of the two head nurses at External Care Services (EPD) in Berlin, Germany, an institution focused exclusively on home care for children [4].

High impact information on EPD

  • Formalin-fixed and dewaxed sections from 23 cases of mammary (MPD) and 9 cases of extramammary (EPD) Paget's disease were immunohistochemically stained by means of the monoclonal antibody 3B5 directed against an intracellular domain of the neu gene protein [5].
  • Furthermore, the conserved regions tend to cover the promotor region described in the EPD database [6].
  • In the first group, epidural analgesia was initiated with 12.5 mg of bupivacaine, 12.5 microg of epinephrine, and 7.5 microg of sufentanil in a volume of 10 mL (EPD group) [1].
  • It is thus expected that the EPD will be effectively used for radiation protection dosimetry on selected international flights [7].
  • Steer carcasses from the high marbling EPD group, adjusted to the mean number of days on feed, had significantly more marbling (P < .01) and less subcutaneous fat in the side and the hindquarter (P < .10) than their low marbling EPD counterparts [8].

Biological context of EPD

  • In a 4-yr study, early-weaned Simmental steers (n = 192) of known genetics were individually fed to determine EPD, performance, and carcass measurements explaining variation in carcass value and profitability across incremental days on feed (DOF) when sorted by HCW, calculated yield grade (YG), or at their highest profit endpoint (BEST) [9].
  • A full set of the eukaryotic genes (1252 entry) from the Eukaryotic Promoter Database (EPD rel. 42) have been used for the TATA-box signal and transcription network approach [10].
  • The procedure uses information from the human genome sequence, NCBI gene annotations, verified eukaryotic promoters (EPD), experimentally proven binding sites (Transfac) and homologies to mouse and rat (HomGL/HomoloGene) [11].
  • RESULTS: PromoterExplorer is tested based on large-scale DNA sequences from different databases, including the EPD, DBTSS, GenBank and human chromosome 22 [12].
  • We studied eleven pregnant women (28-32 weeks' gestation) who had shown a 20 mmHg increase in basal diastolic blood pressure at AII infusion rates < 10 ng/kg/min (Effective pressor dose, EPD), and were therefore considered at high risk for the subsequent development of pregnancy-induced hypertension, according to Gant [13].

Associations of EPD with chemical compounds

  • In all the 11 women the EPD after nifedipine administration had significantly reverted to normal (paired t-test: p < 0.03) [13].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of EPD

  • Analysis of open-cell stent designs and concentric EPD designs in patients with echolucent lesions yielded an OR of 3.1 (95% CI,1.2 to 8.2, P = .0343) and 3.7 (95% CI, 1.3 to 10, P = .0174), respectively, for 30-day stroke/death/TIA [14].
  • Onset of analgesia was more rapid in both CSE groups as compared with the EPD group [1].
  • BACKGROUND: EPD is the only preventive symptomatic immunotherapy available on the market and approved by competent bodies [15].
  • As a result of the care offered by the EPD, many children are spared the repeated hospitalizations that so hinder the normalization of family life and impede family health [4].


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