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Gene Review

MRPL49  -  mitochondrial ribosomal protein L49

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: 39S ribosomal protein L49, mitochondrial, C11orf4, L49mt, MRP-L49, NOF, ...
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Disease relevance of MRPL49

  • In our effort to characterize a gene at chromosome 11q13 involved in a t(11;17)(q13;q21) translocation in B-non-Hodgkin lymphoma, we have identified a novel human gene, NOF (Neighbour of FAU) [1].
  • The European Foundation for Osteoporosis and Bone Disease (EFFO), the Royal College of Physicians, the European Community and the National Osteoporosis Foundation of the USA (NOF) have recently published guidelines for the diagnosis and management of osteoporosis [2].
  • METHODS: Joint tissue was obtained from four rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients, three osteoarthritis patients and two patients with a fractured neck of the femur (NOF#), and apoptotic cells were identified in cryosections using the TUNEL (terminal dUTP nick end labelling) assay [3].
  • Eight patients with shock due to community-acquired infection developed OF, whereas 11 normotensive patients and one patient with shock did not (NOF group) [4].
  • Twenty-eighth annual AOA/NOF Research Conference, 1984: part I. Keynote address: Muscle and low-back pain [5].

High impact information on MRPL49

  • The BrO(3)F(2)(-) anion has been prepared by reaction of BrO(3)F with the fluoride ion donors KF, RbF, CsF, [N(CH(3))(4)][F], and NOF [6].
  • It interacts with NOF (neurite outgrowth factor), a molecule of the laminin family [7].
  • We have reported that s-gicerin possesses stronger activities than l-gicerin during cell aggregation, in NOF-binding, and in neurite extension [8].
  • These data suggest a relative increase in the expression of the molecular promoters of osteoclast formation and activity in #NOF bone, which may lead to the imbalance between bone formation and resorption associated with fragility fracture [9].
  • RESULTS: Numbers of apoptotic cells were greatly increased in rheumatoid synovium and articular cartilage compared with NOF# and osteoarthritic synovium [3].

Biological context of MRPL49

  • Isolation, cDNA, and genomic structure of a conserved gene (NOF) at chromosome 11q13 next to FAU and oriented in the opposite transcriptional orientation [1].
  • NOF, however, is not affected by the t(11;17)(q13;q21) chromosomal translocation [1].
  • The NOF locus is conserved during evolution, with the predicted protein having over 80% identity to three translated mouse and rat ESTs of unknown function [1].
  • The NOF gene consists of 4 exons and 3 introns spanning approximately 5 kb, and the boundaries between exons and introns follow the GT/AG rule [1].
  • It has homophilic cell adhesion activity and also has heterophilic binding activity with NOF (neurite outgrowth factor) and mediates neurite extension [8].

Anatomical context of MRPL49

  • The dentine primer was glyceryl mono-methacrylate (Blemmer GLM, NOF Corp., Tokyo, Japan) (GM), which contained esterified methacrylate with a polyvalent alcohol, which is similar to 2-HEMA [10].

Associations of MRPL49 with chemical compounds

  • The steady-state pharmacokinetics of a new oral formulation of cyclosporin A (Sandimmun Neoral, NOF, a microemulsion) was compared with those of the market formulation (Sandimmun, SIM) in stable renal transplant patients [11].
  • The NOF-1 study confirmed the superiority of CsA-ME's absorption compared with Sandimmune; CsA-ME had a more consistent and reliable absorption, with lower intrapatient variability and improved dose linearity with drug exposure as measured by area under the concentration-time curve (AUC) [12].
  • The complete sensor also showed no cytotoxic effects when coated with the co-polymer MPC (2-methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine, Lipidure CM 5206, NOF Corp., Tokyo, Japan) and when assessed under working conditions, i.e., when a bias voltage was applied to the sensor [13].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of MRPL49

  • Bone samples were taken from the intertrochanteric region of the proximal femur of patients undergoing total hip arthroplasty for a subcapital fragility fracture of the femoral neck (#NOF) [9].
  • IL-6 mRNA levels associated strongly with RANKL mRNA levels in the #NOF group (r = 0.77, P < 0.001), but not in the control group [9].
  • Since serotyping can give reliable information about genotypic prevalence in the population, serotyping in the present study used 5 synthetic peptides (NOF, EL1, MN, IIIB, IND) of African, North American, European and Indian origin [14].
  • Individual Severity Score-Acute Tubular Necrosis (ISS-ATN) obtained prospectively and retrospectively, Acute Physiologic and Chronic Health Evaluation (APACHE II) Score, APACHE II Risk, Lung Injury Score (LIS), and Number of Organ Failures (NOF) were calculated for each patient [15].


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