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Gene Review

ZW10  -  zw10 kinetochore protein

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Centromere/kinetochore protein zw10 homolog, HZW10, KNTC1AP
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Disease relevance of ZW10

  • These results are consistent with the hypothesis that the abnormal expression of genes involved in maintaining the mitotic spindle checkpoint and genomic stability, e.g., hBUB3, hZW10, and APC2, contribute to the molecular pathogenesis and tumor progression of tobacco smoke-induced adenocarcinoma of the lung [1].

High impact information on ZW10


Associations of ZW10 with chemical compounds

  • We therefore conclude that Aurora B kinase activity is required for the accumulation of tension-sensitive mitotic-checkpoint components, such as hZW10 and hROD, in order to maintain mitotic-checkpoint arrest [3].

Biological context of ZW10

  • ZW10, a dynamitin-interacting protein associated with kinetochores, is known to participate directly in turning off of the spindle checkpoint [4].
  • The present results disclose an unexpected role for a spindle checkpoint protein, ZW10, during interphase [4].
  • As ZW10 and Zwint-1 are absent from yeast, we reasoned that metazoans evolved an elaborate spindle checkpoint machinery to ensure faithful chromosome segregation in mitosis [5].
  • However, the excess CENP-C does not disrupt the native centromeres detectably and does not associate with another conserved centromere protein, ZW10 [6].
  • Thus, ZW10 functions as a linker between the core structural elements of the outer kinetochore and components that catalyze generation of the mitotic checkpoint-derived "stop anaphase" inhibitor [7].

Anatomical context of ZW10


Physical interactions of ZW10


Regulatory relationships of ZW10


Other interactions of ZW10


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ZW10

  • Overexpression, microinjection and knockdown experiments revealed that ZW10 is involved in membrane trafficking between the endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi [4].
  • This study presents the results of tests that were carried out at the Institutes for Desert Research, Kiryat Sde-Boker, Israel, and focused on the influence of hydrodynamic conditions on fouling in a pilot-scale immersed membrane bioreactor (IMBR) using a hollow fiber membrane module of ZW-10 (Zenon Environmental, Canada) under ambient conditions [14].


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