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Gene Review

nfo  -  endonuclease IV with intrinsic 3'-5'...

Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655

Synonyms: ECK2152, JW2146
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Disease relevance of nfo


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Chemical compound and disease context of nfo


Biological context of nfo

  • Inspection of the nucleotide sequence revealed no regions of potential secondary structure corresponding to a transcriptional terminator downstream from the structural gene; however, there was a potential open reading frame immediately downstream from the nfo structural gene [1].
  • To further investigate the roles of these AP endonucleases in DNA repair, we evaluated the sensitivity and mutagenesis of xthA and nfo strains after UVB and compared with UVC light [14].
  • The nfo strain displayed increased UVB-induced mutagenesis, which was significantly suppressed by pre-treatment with dipyridyl [14].
  • In vitro detection of endonuclease IV-specific DNA damage formed by bleomycin in vivo [11].
  • A strong chronic induction of the SOS response system occurs in E. coli BW535, a strain defective in nth, nfo and xth genes, and hence severely deficient in the repair of abasic sites in DNA [15].

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Other interactions of nfo

  • In a soxR mutant, the expression of sodA, unlike that of nfo, was also regulated independently by oxygen tension [18].
  • A DNA polymerase I mutant (polA) was more sensitive than the xthA-nfo mutant [19].
  • We were unable to construct a uvrA xth nfo triple mutant [2].
  • The proteins induced included only five proteins that have been previously associated with stress responses, consisting of endonuclease IV (Nfo), three oxyR-regulated proteins, and one heat shock protein [20].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of nfo


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