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Language Disorders

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Chemical compound and disease context of Language Disorders

  • Interruption of nicardipine administration was followed by relapse of the language disorder [12].
  • In order to study the pathophysiology of language disorders due to deep-seated left-hemisphere lesions not involving the cortex, a population of 43 right-handed stroke patients (29 aphasic) presenting with such lesions was studied clinically and by regional cerebral blood flow measurements (two-dimensional xenon-133 inhalation method) [13].
  • Screening for speech and language disorders: the reliability, validity and accuracy of the General Language Screen [14].
  • Audiotaped conversational samples from adults diagnosed as having autistic disorders (n = 15) or developmental receptive language disorders (n = 17) in childhood were transcribed and analyzed using methods based on those of Bishop and Adams (1989) [15].
  • Catabolism of histidine was investigated in 24 patients with different speech and language disorders and with significantly low histidase activity in stratum corneum [16].

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Gene context of Language Disorders


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