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Disease relevance of Diskectomy


High impact information on Diskectomy

  • CONCLUSION: Minor disk degeneration but not herniation volume represents a risk factor for the recurrence of disk herniation after diskectomy [6].
  • MATERIALS AND METHODS: Three neuroradiologists retrospectively evaluated sagittal T2-weighted conventional spin-echo and FSE images obtained in 15 patients with metallic artifacts from various sources including drill particles from anterior cervical diskectomy, posterior fixation wires, fixation rods or plates, and an inferior vena cava filter [7].
  • In both cases, anterior cervical discectomy at one or two levels was undertaken with bone graft and titanium implants, and cortical SEP were monitored to alternate stimulation of the left and right median or ulnar nerves [8].
  • The procedure of choice for soft disc herniation, MRI on a 0.5 T superconducting system associated with plain radiography of the cervical spine, in selecting patients for anterior cervical discectomy without interbody fusion (ACD), was evaluated [9].
  • Epidural steroid injection compared with discectomy for the treatment of lumbar disc herniation [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Diskectomy


Anatomical context of Diskectomy

  • A prospective clinical trial was conducted involving patients with prolapsed lumbar intervertebral disk proven myelographically, who had anterior diskectomy and disk replacement with a titanium-mesh block implant [16].
  • Morphometric evaluation of 54 dry cervical spines from C3 to C7 (a total of 270 cervical vertebrae) was performed to determine the bony boundaries of the uncinate process for resection of the uncinate process for access to posterolateral osteophytes or herniated disks at the time of anterior cervical diskectomy [17].

Associations of Diskectomy with chemical compounds

  • One hundred patients who had no improvement after a minimum of six weeks of noninvasive treatment were enrolled in a prospective, non-blinded study and were randomly assigned to receive either epidural steroid injection or discectomy [18].
  • Anterior cervical discectomy with hydroxylapatite fusion [19].
  • The authors have compared the radiological and histological effects of performing anterior cervical discectomy with the CO2 laser to those of performing it by standard operative technique [20].
  • In order to evaluate the performance of feedback fuzzy logic control of inspired oxygen and isoflurane concentrations, we studied 30 patients undergoing discectomy for lumbar (n = 26) or cervical (n = 4) disc herniation [21].
  • INTERVENTION: An anterior cervical discectomy at C6/C7 and fusion with autologous bone graft were performed [22].

Gene context of Diskectomy

  • However, incidence of a fracture-dislocation through a solid multilevel anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) construct with no associated underlying pathology of AS, DISH, or OPLL but severe osteopenia has not, to the best knowledge of the authors, been reported in the medical literature [23].
  • A prospective randomized study to compare discectomy without (DE) and with fusion (DEF) included 63 patients operated on with DE returned to work during the first 9 weeks postoperatively than patients operated on with DEF (p less than 0.005 to 0.05) [24].
  • Patients suffering from persisting sciatic pain 8 weeks following discectomy were compared with patients displaying low complaints and healthy, pain-free volunteers regarding their interleukin-6 (IL-6) levels, morning cortisol levels and degree of psychological distress [25].
  • Anterior BAK instrumentation and fusion: complete versus partial discectomy [26].
  • The objective of this study was the detection of IL-1beta and IL-1Ra secreted by herniated lumbar discal cells after discectomy [27].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Diskectomy


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