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Disease relevance of Ecchymosis

  • The patient, treated with heparin at a dosage of 25,000 units/day for 3 days and 12,500 units/day for an additional 4 days because of a clinically suspected deep venous thrombosis, developed (4 days after the discontinuation of heparin) a clinical and laboratory picture of severe DIC, manifested by subcutaneous hematomas and ecchymoses [1].
  • Examination revealed poorly fitting dentures, large confluent ecchymoses of both thighs, perifollicular hemorrhages, and a low serum ascorbic acid concentration [2].
  • When the results of the preoperative and postoperative steroid groups were compared, no significant difference was detected between the two groups in either edema or ecchymosis [3].
  • The development of cutaneous ecchymosis associated with a sudden fall in hemoglobin after the administration of alteplase should strongly suggest the possibility of diffuse subfascial hematoma [4].
  • Side effects occur frequently during a four-month tapering course of corticosteroids, including moon face, acne, infection, ecchymoses, hypertension, hirsutism, petechial bleeding and striae [5].

High impact information on Ecchymosis

  • The 30-day incidence of major bleeding complications was 6.5 percent in the enoxaparin group and 7.0 percent in the unfractionated-heparin group, but the incidence of bleeding overall was significantly higher in the enoxaparin group (18.4 percent vs. 14.2 percent, P=0.001), primarily because of ecchymoses at injection sites [6].
  • Although autopsy findings were generally nonspecific, multiple needle-puncture marks with surrounding ecchymoses are typical of IV cocaine abuse [7].
  • Spontaneous ecchymoses due to paroxetine administration [8].
  • CONCLUSION: Clinically significant local effects (eg, pain requiring parenteral analgesics, ecchymosis, swelling of over one half of the bitten extremity) occurred in one third of patients in our study [9].
  • Cystoscopy revealed severe mucosal ecchymoses with luminal hemorrhage and accumulations of crystalloid sludge [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Ecchymosis


Biological context of Ecchymosis


Anatomical context of Ecchymosis


Gene context of Ecchymosis

  • On examination, amyloid deposition was found in the area of the lid ecchymoses, and corneal crystals were dispersed centrally and peripherally throughout all levels of the cornea on slit lamp examination [18].
  • We describe a case of primary amyloidosis (AL) with severe factor X (FX) deficiency in an amateur cyclist presenting with muscular pain at rest and ecchymoses in his legs [19].
  • However, in early October the same year, subcutaneous ecchymosis and intramuscular bleeding occurred for no apparent reason, and from the examination results his APTT was 106.4 s, factor VIII (FVIII) activity was <1%, and the anti-FVIII inhibitor titre was 6.9 BU ml(-1) [20].
  • Some ecchymosis appeared on the skin at the site of application of the cup in the initial stages, when the negative pressure exceeded the upper limits of -100 to -200 mbar [21].
  • The authors began to use 1-desamino-8-D-arginine vasopressin (DDAVP) Desmopressin Acetate routinely in their facelift patients who had a relatively high risk of bleeding, either from Von Willebrand factor deficiency, platelet dysfunction, aspirin intake, or ease of ecchymosis [22].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Ecchymosis


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