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Materials Testing

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  • INTERVENTION: Both-column fracture model with secondary congruence of the acetabular articular surface with respect to the femoral head was created and tested using Materials Testing Machine (MTS Systems Corp., Minneapolis, MN) and Fuji pressure-sensitive film (Sensor Products, Inc., East Hanover, NJ) [17].
  • INTERVENTION: Hemipelvis and SI motion were analyzed on a Materials Testing System before and after creation of a vertically unstable APC III pelvic injury [18].
  • Redesigned proficiency testing materials improve survey outcomes for prostate-specific antigen. A College of American Pathologists Ligand Assay Survey tool [19].
  • Matrix effects on proficiency testing materials. Impact on accuracy of cholesterol measurement in laboratories in the nation's largest hospital system [20].
  • Because stainless steel exhibits plastic behaviour with no sharp yield point, Apex self-drilling/self-tapping bone pins underwent incremental loading on an Instron materials testing machine [21].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Materials Testing


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