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Sex Factors

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Disease relevance of Sex Factors


Psychiatry related information on Sex Factors

  • This supports the significance of the sex factor in the genetic transmission of affective disorders, and a possible involvement of COMT activity changes in the pathogenesis of such disorders in women [6].

High impact information on Sex Factors

  • These findings demonstrate that sex factors play a fundamental role in the regulation of cholesterol metabolism in the human liver [7].
  • A lipidated carboxyl-terminal cysteine residue is also found in sequence-related yeast sex factors, and in at least two cases, the alpha-carboxyl group is also methyl esterified [8].
  • New perspectives on growth factor-sex steroid interaction in the prostate [9].
  • Gene-disruption experiments were used to demonstrate that this mobA gene was essential for sex-factor transfer and this suggests that intron splicing is a necessary part of the conjugation process [10].
  • Analysis of 23 independently derived enlarged lactose plasmids revealed that the sex factor DNA present in cointegrates varied in size [11].

Chemical compound and disease context of Sex Factors


Biological context of Sex Factors


Associations of Sex Factors with chemical compounds


Gene context of Sex Factors


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