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National Health Programs

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  • The current supply of hGH, which is prepared from pituitary glands collected by pathologists in the National Health Service, is just enough to meet demand, but research conducted on behalf of the Working Party suggests that hGH deficiency is more common than has been thought and that the prevalence may be as high as one in 10 000 [18].

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  • NHS at 50. An American view. National Health Service [24].
  • Born in Paris of Swiss parents, he was professor in Leipzig, Germany, before coming to the United States in 1932 as professor of the history of medicine at Johns Hopkins University. Once in America. Sigerist became deeply involved in medical politics and the campaign for national health insurance [25].
  • The National Health Service is poised to offer at least one cycle of IVF treatment to couples free of charge in the UK, provided that certain clinical criteria are met [26].
  • SETTING: The Oxford Region of the National Health Service, England. SUBJECTS: A cohort comprising all people in the database with MS, and comparison cohorts of people with other diseases [27].
  • In cost-minimisation analyses of these studies from the perspectives of the national health services of five European countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK), Gem/Cis was associated with lower average treatment-related costs than Vin/Cis, Pac/Cis, and Pac/Carbo, and similar or lower costs than Doc/Cis [28].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of National Health Programs

  • SETTING: Procedures were performed at the Institute of Maternal and Child Research, School of Medicine, University of Chile and San Borja-Arriarán Clinical Hospital, National Health Service, Santiago, Chile. PATIENT(S): Eight patients (30-38 years) undergoing surgical sterilization or hysterectomy for benign gynecologic conditions [29].
  • The reasons are largely historical and relate to the structure and function of the National Health Service. This history of minor surgery describes its common occurrence before the NHS, its virtual disappearance after the NHS came about, and later revival by a few enthusiasts [30].
  • The modified T/PPS was based on those complicated appendectomy cases with secondary diagnosis or second operation where a total fee over 37,500 New Taiwan (NT) dollars was paid by National Health Insurance Bureau (NHIB) according to the real cost [31].
  • Data from the Oxford Region were used to study trends in hospital admission rates and demographic profiles of hospital care in the National Health Service in oral and maxillofacial surgery [32].
  • Study quality was assessed using predefined criteria based on parameters developed with the US Preventive Services Task Force and the UK National Health Services Centre. DATA SYNTHESIS: A total of 32 trials including 4 head-to-head comparisons met inclusion criteria; 14 trials met criteria for meta-analysis [33].


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