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Cholinergic Fibers

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Disease relevance of Cholinergic Fibers

  • That is to say, it is easier for the investigator to detect the cholinergic fiber and ganglion cell in the gut wall using NADPH-diaphorase staining than by using AChE staining [1].

Psychiatry related information on Cholinergic Fibers


High impact information on Cholinergic Fibers

  • Here we show that the precise overlap of striatal dopaminergic and cholinergic fibers underlies potent control of dopamine release by ongoing nicotinic receptor activity [3].
  • Muscarinic activation, either by repetitive stimulation of cholinergic fibers or by bath-applied carbachol, strongly increased intradendritic Ca2+ accumulation during directly evoked repetitive firing, in part by blocking a Ca(2+)-dependent K+ conductance [4].
  • The effects of repetitive stimulation of cholinergic fibers were enhanced by the acetylcholine-esterase blocker eserine and blocked by the muscarinic antagonist atropine [4].
  • We also show by choline acetyl transferase immunohistochemistry that the MHb is cholinergic and sends cholinergic fibers to the Uva [5].
  • This effect is persistent and can be mimicked by endogenous acetylcholine released from cholinergic fibers [6].

Biological context of Cholinergic Fibers

  • The results of this study indicate that FF transection leads to perikaryal shrinkage with loss of ChAT immunoreactivity, perikaryal phosphorylation of NFs, cholinergic fiber abnormalities, and cell loss [7].

Anatomical context of Cholinergic Fibers


Associations of Cholinergic Fibers with chemical compounds


Gene context of Cholinergic Fibers


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Cholinergic Fibers


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