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Chemical compound and disease context of Indonesia


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Gene context of Indonesia

  • All volunteers lived in Arso PIR, Irian Jaya [20].
  • Anti-P. falciparum antibody-positive sera from Palawan, Philippines, and Irian Jaya, Indonesia, were studied using overlapping synthetic peptides [21].
  • We report a high prevalence (5.3%) of the A1555G mutation in sensorineural deafness patients in Sulawesi (Indonesia) [22].
  • The QBC approach to diagnosis of malaria was less sensitive and more inconvenient than GTS under the conditions in remote Irian Jaya [23].
  • RESULTS: During 1998, the CBTP was introduced in two of the four rural districts of the Central Sulawesi province, covering 224 (29%) of the 772 villages and 362,700 (33%) of the 1,109,100 population in these districts [24].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Indonesia


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