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Disease relevance of Stuttering


Psychiatry related information on Stuttering


High impact information on Stuttering

  • Betaxolol and stuttering [9].
  • Bethanecol chloride in treatment of stuttering [10].
  • A stuttering or slippage model to account for these events has been further refined to include a pressure which displaces the nascent strand in a given direction once it has disengaged from the template, and the similarities of this model to those which account for readthrough of cellular RNA polymerase transcription blocks are discussed [11].
  • The G insertions always occur within a short run of Gs, and a stuttering mechanism for the insertions has been suggested in which the viral polymerase reiteratively copies a template C residue during mRNA synthesis [12].
  • Stuttering caused by gabapentin [13].

Chemical compound and disease context of Stuttering


Biological context of Stuttering


Anatomical context of Stuttering

  • Influence of some psychopharmaca on the increase of the amplitude of electrically induced monosynaptic spinal cord reflex during the paroxysm of stuttering. II. Effect of chlorpromazine [22].
  • The main dysfunction is thought to be an impairment in the ability of the basal ganglia to produce timing cues for the initiation of the next motor segment of speech, explaining the association of acquired and re-emergent stuttering with diseases such as dystonia and Parkinson's disease [23].

Gene context of Stuttering


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Stuttering


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