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Gene Review

DYT6  -  dystonia 6, torsion (autosomal dominant)

Homo sapiens

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Disease relevance of DYT6


Psychiatry related information on DYT6

  • Adult-onset Leukoencephalopathy with vanishing white matter presenting with dementia [6].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Adult onset tic disorders represent an underrecognised condition that is more common than generally appreciated or reported [7].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Adult onset nocturnal enuresis with absent daytime incontinence is a serious symptom that usually heralds significant urethral obstruction, and a high incidence of bladder diverticulum, hydronephrosis and vesicoureteral reflux [8].
  • Male and female alcoholics (n = 321) with ASPD or DSM III subtypes [Conduct Disorder; Adult Onset ASPD] were compared to non-ASPD alcoholics on several etiological features of alcoholism and its clinical presentation immediately prior to treatment [9].

High impact information on DYT6


Chemical compound and disease context of DYT6


Biological context of DYT6


Anatomical context of DYT6


Associations of DYT6 with chemical compounds


Other interactions of DYT6

  • Although linkage analysis was not completely informative, reconstructed haplotypes excluded linkage between the disease and either DYT6 or DYT7 [18].
  • OBJECTIVE: Adult onset type II citrullinemia is an inherited disorder of amino acid metabolism caused by a deficiency of liver specific argininosuccinate synthetase activity [29].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Adult-onset IBAM is not directly related to dysfunctional mutations in the coding region or intron/exon junctions of the SLC10A2 gene [30].
  • Adult onset IGE shares many features with "classical" IGE, including EEG findings and prognosis, and is likely to represent a genetic epilepsy [31].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Adult-onset myopes comprised nearly half of the simple myopic subjects, and their family history of myopia was similar to that of youth-onset myopes [32].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of DYT6


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