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Chemical Compound Review

TITANIUM     titanium

Synonyms: Titanate, Titanio, Oremet, Titane, VTl-0, ...
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Disease relevance of titanium

  • Our results indicate that barium titanate ceramic shows a very high degree of biocompatibility as evidenced by the absence of inflammatory or foreign body reactions at the implant-tissue interface [1].
  • In order to study flow murmurs through atrial septal defects, right heart catheterization was performed on 48 patients of secundum type, four of primum type, and five of probe-patent foramen ovale, with the double-lumen phonocatheter of Lewis, at the tip of which barium titanate was mounted [2].
  • The existence of Ti metal phase can promote the dehydration and decomposition of HA ceramic phase into the more stable calcium phosphate phases, such as alpha-Ca(3)(PO(4))(2) (alpha-TCP) and Ca(4)O(PO(4))(2) at high temperatures [3].

High impact information on titanium


Biological context of titanium

  • A submicron size grain lead titanate piezoelectric ceramic was used to both reduce lateral coupling and keep the electrical impedance matched close to the 50 ohm receive electronics [9].

Anatomical context of titanium

  • In order to determine the effect of the surface composition, gingival fibroblasts were cultured for 14 d on polished substrate specimens of cp-titanium, TiAl6V4 and TiTa30 and examined for differences in shape [10].
  • Furthermore, actin staining showed that the cells on HA poorly formed stress fibers with weak polarity, whereas the cell on Ti possessed well-defined polarized stress fibers [8].
  • Islands of fibrocartilaginous tissue characterized the membrane around unstable HA implants, whereas fibrous connective tissue surrounded unstable Ti implants [11].
  • The superior fixation of unstable HA implants compared with unstable Ti implants may be ascribed to the presence of fibrocartilage, a higher collagen concentration, and radiating orientation of collagen fibers in the membrane [11].
  • The collagen concentration of the fibrous membranes was higher around unstable HA implants compared with Ti implants [11].

Associations of titanium with other chemical compounds


Gene context of titanium

  • Crystal structural parameters (21 positional parameters and nine isotropic Debye-Waller factors) of the intermediate phase of hexagonal barium titanate (h-BaTiO3) have been refined by a structure analysis method using convergent-beam electron diffraction (CBED); this method was developed by Tsuda & Tanaka [Acta Cryst. (1999), A55, 939-954] [18].
  • To verify the method, we used it to measure the R12 and R13 Kerr coefficients for a (100)-type single crystal of ferroelectric barium titanate (BaTiO3) at room temperature (23.5 degrees) [19].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of titanium


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