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Chemical Compound Review

coformycin     2-(hydroxymethyl)-5-(6- hydroxy-2,4,8,10...

Synonyms: SureCN14031897, DNC000460, NSC277817, AR-1F4870, AC1L18Z7, ...
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Disease relevance of coformycin

  • Exposure of fresh TdT-positive leukemic cells to ddA/CF for 72 hours ex vivo resulted in cytotoxicity (six cases of acute lymphocytic leukemia [ALL]) while not affecting TdT-negative acute leukemic cells (six cases) [1].
  • An enzyme has been isolated from cell-free extracts of Streptomyces antibioticus that can catalyze the reduction of 8-ketodeoxycoformycin (8-KetodCF) and 8-ketocoformycin (8-ketoCoF) to the naturally occurring nucleoside analogues 2'-deoxycoformycin (dCF) and coformycin (CoF), respectively [2].
  • The potentiation of adenine toxicity to Chinese hamster cells by coformycin: suppression in mutants with altered regulation of purine biosynthesis or increased adenylate-deaminase activity [3].
  • These effects of coformycin were moderate during early hypoxia (0-5 min) and became pronounced during the late phase of oxygen deprivation (5-16 min) [4].
  • EHNA and coformycin preserved cardiac ATP levels and increased endogenous tissue adenosine during ischemia [5].

High impact information on coformycin

  • Inhibition of maturation of human precursor lymphocytes by coformycin, an inhibitor of the enzyme adenosine deaminase [6].
  • After a 48-hour continuous exposure period to 250 mumol/L ddA and 30 mumol/L CF, 30% cell death was observed in the TdT-negative parental line, whereas 90% cell death was observed in the TdT-positive daughter line [1].
  • In each subject group, the rates of AMP dephosphorylation between pH 5.1 and 8.3 were indistinguishable from those of IMP, suggesting a potential role for AMP-deaminase, an erythrocyte enzyme that was stimulated by coformycin at pH 7 [7].
  • Normal and simian virus 40-transformed human embryonic lung fibroblasts in culture were exposed to 3.5 microM coformycin (CF) [8].
  • Differential effect of coformycin on the cell cycle traverse of normal and simian virus 40-transformed human fibroblasts [8].

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