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Chemical Compound Review

CUMARINA     chromen-2-one

Synonyms: coumarin, Coumarine, Kumarin, cumarin, Rattex, ...
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Disease relevance of coumarin


High impact information on coumarin


Chemical compound and disease context of coumarin

  • In the pesticide category, most of the information related to poisonings with pyrethroids, followed by organophosphorous compounds, coumarine derivatives, carbamates [11].

Biological context of coumarin


Anatomical context of coumarin


Associations of coumarin with other chemical compounds


Gene context of coumarin


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of coumarin

  • CASE REPORTS: The first patient, an adolescent girl, developed multiple thrombotic shunt occlusions after the initiation of hemodialysis until continuous cumarin anticoagulation was instituted [25].


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