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Egg Yolk

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Disease relevance of Egg Yolk


High impact information on Egg Yolk


Chemical compound and disease context of Egg Yolk

  • In contrast, substitution of lysine (or arginine) for Ser-7 caused little or no alteration of enzyme activity toward either autoclaved E. coli or egg yolk lipoproteins indicating no major effects on the catalytic properties of the PLA-2 [11].
  • Experimental hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis were produced in 16 of the animals by adding 11.2% egg yolk and 0.5% cholesterol to the diet for 14 months [12].
  • By using known culture-positive samples and/or samples from animals clinically affected with paratuberculosis, it was found that visible colonial growth on solid media could be obtained after 4 weeks of incubation in liquid medium containing egg yolk and mycobactin followed by 8 weeks of incubation on Herrold's egg yolk medium [13].
  • The recovery of Clostridium difficile on a medium containing cefoxitin, cycloserine, fructose, and egg yolk was compared with that on media containing one of three preparations of sodium taurocholate [14].
  • In 82 tissues with microscopic granulomas and acid-fast bacilli, a significantly greater number of isolates were obtained on Middlebrook 7H10 medium with sodium pyruvate than on Stonebrink medium, Herrold egg yolk agar medium, or Lowenstein-Jensen medium (P=0.01) [15].

Biological context of Egg Yolk


Anatomical context of Egg Yolk


Associations of Egg Yolk with chemical compounds

  • Identification of the major mannose-binding proteins from chicken egg yolk and chicken serum as immunoglobulins [10].
  • We report initial studies on estrogen-mediated regulation of egg yolk protein synthesis in the rooster [26].
  • Neutral vesicles were generated from egg yolk phosphatidylcholine and cholesterol, and surface charge was introduced via either phosphatidylserine or octadecylamine [27].
  • As egg yolk also contains stored vitamin A, carotenoids have so far been solely discussed as pigments for the coloration of the offspring [28].
  • Cationic liposomes composed of DDAB and equimolar of a neutral lipid, egg yolk phosphatidylcholine (EPC), induced the strongest antigen-specific Th1 type immune responses among the cationic liposome investigated, whereas the liposomes composed of 2 cationic lipids, DDAB and DOEPC, induced an antigen-specific Th2 type immune response [29].

Gene context of Egg Yolk


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Egg Yolk


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