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Chemical Compound Review

gabexate     ethyl4-[6- (diaminomethylideneamino) hexano...

Synonyms: Gabexato, Gabexatum, Tocris-1798, Gabexate (INN), Gabexate [INN], ...
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Disease relevance of gabexate


High impact information on gabexate


Chemical compound and disease context of gabexate

  • Injections of gabexate and proglumide from initiation of CDE diet (before induction of pancreatitis) increased survival from 37% (diet alone) to 85 and 75%, respectively, and also ameliorated histological alterations and increases in serum amylase concentration and pancreatic activated trypsin [4].
  • CR 1409, a glutaramic acid derivative with competitive cholecystokinin-antagonistic activity, was administered IP and evaluated in comparison with proglumide (the model CCK-receptor antagonist), gabexate (protease inhibitor) and PGE2 (cytoprotective) on two different models of experimental pancreatitis [7].
  • CONCLUSION: The administration of low- and high-dose ulinastatin has similar effects to high-dose gabexate in the prevention of post-ERCP pancreatitis [8].
  • While octreotide was confirmed to be ineffective, somatostatin and gabexate seem to be the best for the prevention of post-ERCP pancreatitis, but both can present some limits such as unreported sample size calculation in the statistical analysis for somatostatin studies and lack of widespread commercial availability for gabexate [9].

Biological context of gabexate


Anatomical context of gabexate


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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of gabexate


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