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Chemical Compound Review

FOY     [N'-[5-(4- ethoxycarbonylphenoxy) carbonylpe...

Synonyms: AG-J-78129, LS-35906, CTK8F9977, AC1L272G, Gabexato mesilato, ...
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Disease relevance of gabexate


Psychiatry related information on gabexate

  • To test the possibility of ex vivo model as a therapeutic guideline for MMP inhibitor (MMPI) treatment, we evaluated IC50 of the gabexate mesylate against MMP-9 [6].

High impact information on gabexate


Chemical compound and disease context of gabexate


Biological context of gabexate

  • CONCLUSIONS: In a limited number of patients (n = 34), gabexate mesylate (2 mg/kg/hr) could not inhibit coagulation or fibrinolysis and gabexate mesylate could not improve the DIC score or mortality rate in pre- or mild DIC [15].
  • Gabexate mesilate inhibited the tumor necrosis factor-alpha-induced degradation of IkappaBalpha, an inhibitor of nuclear factor-kappaB, by inhibiting phosphorylation of IkappaBalpha in HUVECs [16].
  • We propose that platelet count, coagulation factor levels, and FDP may be useful for the early detection of VOD, and an anticoagulant drug such as FOY is worthy of consideration for the prevention and treatment of VOD [17].
  • Preoperative administration of gabexate mesilate (preop GM group) substantially ameliorated hepatic I/R injury as compared with the other patients (intraop and without GM groups); postoperative serum transaminase levels were notably decreased in association with marked suppression of IL-6 levels in blood circulation during liver surgery [18].
  • Differences in gabexate mesylate affinities for these proteases reflect structural differences at their primary specificity subsite, which have been investigated by comparative analysis of amino acid sequences and by computer-graphics techniques [19].

Anatomical context of gabexate


Associations of gabexate with other chemical compounds


Gene context of gabexate


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of gabexate


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