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Secretory Rate

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Biological context of Secretory Rate


Anatomical context of Secretory Rate

  • D-feeding did not prevent E-induced decrease of basal bile flow, bile salt, cholesterol, and phospholipid secretory rates nor the decrease of Na+,K+-ATPase activity and Na+-taurocholate cotransporting polypeptide (Ntcp) content in isolated sinusoidal membranes [23].
  • CTB and CT did not increase the secretory rate of IgA-producing cells or the clonal burst size of IgA clones, and did inhibit B cell growth [24].
  • Alkali secretion by rat duodenum was also increased by sucralfate but the response depended on the basal secretory rate [25].
  • Mucin secretory rate per unit surface area of trachea progressively decreases with age [26].
  • Each drug tested was administered i.a. Graded doses of gabexate (1-10 mg) elicited dose-dependent biphasic responses for the secretory rates, bicarbonate concentrations and outputs of pancreatic juice, with maximum effects at approximately 5 mg, but had little effect on the protein concentrations [27].

Associations of Secretory Rate with chemical compounds

  • However, as FFA uptake increases, triglyceride secretory rates reach a plateau and esterified fatty acids accumulate intracellularly, suggesting that something is limiting lipid transport out of the liver [12].
  • Tolbutamide elicited typical monophasic insulin release that exceeded control islet secretory rates from 2 to 6 min with a peak value at 3 min [28].
  • Histamine and N tau-methyl histamine secretory rates were calculated by subtracting the arterial from the venous plasma concentrations and multiplying the difference by gastric plasma flow [29].
  • Fundic distention with a baloon volume eliciting a maximal acid response to distention either left unchanged or suppressed the maximal acid secretory rate produced by pentagastrin in 7 nonoperated and 6 vagotomized DU patients and in 5 healthy subjects [30].
  • Measurements of lactate, pyruvate, and CO2 appearances indicated that the increases in acid secretory rates were predominantly due to H+ and not organic acid accumulation in the luminal bath-secretion [31].

Gene context of Secretory Rate

  • No evidence for overproduction of IAPP in diabetic subjects has been found thus far, but much more work is necessary to define its normal secretory rates and clearance [32].
  • Results from this experiment reveal partial immunoneutralization of intrapituitary VIP significantly decreased PRL secretory rate by rapid reduction in rRPL mRNA in the 40-day tumors [33].
  • In three of them, a decrease of 20% to 51% of the PRL basal secretory rate was observed under GAP [34].
  • Neither the secretory rates of thyrotropin in response to TRH nor those of cortisol, luteinizing hormone, or follicle-stimulating hormone were changed by 0.1 or 0.35 mg mesulergine.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[35]
  • The relative secretory rate (RSR) of these glycoproteins is assessed after incubation with 50% (v/v) CF and control sera [36].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Secretory Rate

  • Bile formation was studied under basal conditions and during stepwise increasing intravenous infusion of taurocholate to determine bile salt secretory rate maximum (SRm) [37].
  • Renin secretory rate decreased in the low-output group from 852.8 +/- 183.0 to 149.5 +/- 73.7 ng/min and in the control group from 308.5 +/- 84.5 to 44.5 +/- 27.5 ng/ml [38].
  • A significant, although not systematic, association between the episodes in the two variables was found: 44% of the peaks in EEG beta activity (relative amplitude, near 125%; P < 0.001) occurred during an ascending phase of cortisol secretion, cortisol secretory rates increasing by 40% (P < 0.01) 10-min after peaks in EEG beta activity [39].
  • The secretory rate of ANP and BNP were examined in the perfusion of isolated beating heart before and after atrial removal [40].
  • Cortisol was assayed by HPLC with UV detection, and adrenal secretory rates were calculated using adrenal blood flow [41].


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