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Chemical Compound Review

cephalothin     sodium(6R,7S)-3- (acetyloxymethyl)-8-oxo-7...

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Disease relevance of Cefalotin


High impact information on Cefalotin


Chemical compound and disease context of Cefalotin

  • In a study of experimentally induced open tibial or femoral fractures in rats, after either closing or leaving the wounds open, the animals were given: no antibiotic, cephalothin (Keflin), or penicillin [11].

Biological context of Cefalotin


Anatomical context of Cefalotin

  • Under the conditions of this study, which included intravenous administration of cephalothin sodium preoperatively, intraoperatively, and postoperatively, the small intestinal transudate did not harbor enteric bacteria [14].
  • In a study of the inflammatory potential of the filterable residue of sodium cephalothin, we have found a tissue-specific reaction with venous endothelium but not with cutaneous or subcutaneous tissues [15].
  • A prospective double-blind study, using Keflex and Keflin in theraputic doses,was undertaken to elucidate more clearly the effect upon morbidity in vaginal hysterectomy.Cultures were taken form a catheterized urine specimen and the cervix of all patients before surgery [16].
  • AP was induced in dogs by injection of autologous bile into the pancreatic duct, and in rats by controlled infusion of artificial bile containing Na-taurochlorate, Keflin, and trypsin into the cannulated bile duct [17].

Associations of Cefalotin with other chemical compounds


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Cefalotin


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