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Colorectal Surgery

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Gene context of Colorectal Surgery

  • In this study, systemic concentration of a spectrum of cytokines, including interleukins IL-6, IL-8, IL-10, IL-1ra, and soluble tumor necrosis factor receptor-I (sTNF-RI) was examined in patients with and without postoperative septic complications following colorectal surgery [27].
  • Maximal local and minimal systemic cytokine response to colorectal surgery: the influence of perioperative filgrastim [18].
  • PURPOSE: p53 and E-cadherin mutations are associated with a high risk of metastatic potential and local recurrence after colorectal surgery [28].
  • CONCLUSION: The higher concentration of IL-6 in venous blood from the mesenterium of the resected colonic segment compared to systemic levels, indicates that the bowel is the source of the IL-6 response to surgical trauma in colorectal surgery [29].
  • The concentrations of sulbactam and ampicillin were determined in sera and different abdominal tissues of 16 patients who underwent elective colorectal surgery [30].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Colorectal Surgery


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