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Chemical Compound Review

SureCN7285292     N-[(Z)-3-(3-chloro-4- cyclohexyl...

Synonyms: AK-57806, SR-31747, AC1O5RG8, SR 31747, SR 31747A, ...
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  • Sterol isomerase activity is also inhibited by SR 31747 in in vitro assays [3].
  • SR 31747 is a novel immunosuppressant agent that arrests cell proliferation in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, SR 31747-treated cells accumulate the same aberrant sterols as those found in a mutant impaired in delta 8- delta 7-sterol isomerase [3].
  • The ERG2 gene product has been identified recently as the molecular target of SR 31747A that mediates antiproliferative effects of the drug in yeast [4].
  • SR 31747A, defined as a sigma ligand, is a novel immunosuppressive agent that blocks proliferation of human and mouse lymphocytes [4].
  • Using a radiolabeled chemical probe, we here purified a target of SR 31747A and called it SR 31747A-binding protein (SR-BP) [4].

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