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Chemical Compound Review

Furfuranol     2-furylmethanol

Synonyms: Furfurylcarb, PFFA, Furanmethanol, Furfuralcohol, Furylcarbinol, ...
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Disease relevance of LS-2036

  • The oxidation of furfuryl alcohol to furfural and further to 2-furoic acid by Pseudomonas putida Fu1 was catalyzed by two different dehydrogenases [1].
  • The biological results demonstrated that furfuryl alcohol had neither anti-HIV activity nor cytotoxicity in vitro, suggesting the acid instability of D4-nucleosides is unlikely to have an impact on the toxicity of these nucleoside analogs in humans [2].

High impact information on LS-2036

  • Nafion-polyfurfuryl alcohol nanocomposite membranes with low methanol permeability and high proton conductivity were synthesized by in-situ polymerisation of furfuryl alcohol inside commercial Nafion membranes [3].
  • Acid-labile THP- or TBS-protected alcohol, furfuryl alcohol, and geraniol could be acylated as well as base-labile alcohols [4].
  • By using the convenient protocol for conversion of 2-substituted furans into 4-oxo-2-alkenoic acids ((i) NBS, (ii) NaClO(2)), macrosphelide B (2) was synthesized from furyl alcohol 5 (>98% ee) and acid 6 (99% ee) [5].
  • The FFA was consumed when solutions of PABA, ODPABA, OMC, and OCR were illuminated, but no loss of FFA other than by direct photolysis occurred in solutions of BZ3, BZ8, or OCS [6].
  • Since parts of HMF such as furan, furfuryl alcohol, and 2-furaldehyde did not influence the activities of any enzymes tested, the substituted form of furan with a hyroxymethyl group and a formyl group might be important for the inhibition of pol lambda and TdT [7].

Chemical compound and disease context of LS-2036

  • The conversion of relatively toxic furfural to less toxic furfuryl alcohol suggests a beneficial role for this enzyme in mitigating furfural toxicity encountered during ethanol production from lignocellulosic biomass [8].

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