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Gene Review

USH1C  -  Usher syndrome 1C (autosomal recessive,...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: AIE-75, AIE75, Antigen NY-CO-38/NY-CO-37, Autoimmune enteropathy-related antigen AIE-75, DFNB18, ...
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Disease relevance of USH1C


High impact information on USH1C


Chemical compound and disease context of USH1C


Biological context of USH1C

  • In another family, haplotype segregation was consistent with linkage to USH1C [7].
  • We performed mutation screening by single strand conformation polymorphism (SSCP) analysis and direct sequencing on 33 USH1 patients previously excluded for USH1B and USH1C [8].
  • In these protein-protein complexes harmonin acts as the scaffold protein binding these USH1 molecules via its PDZ domains [9].
  • None carried any mutations in these exons of USH1C [10].
  • In addition, a 45-bp variable number of tandem repeat (VNTR) polymorphism was found in intron 5 of USH1C [11].

Anatomical context of USH1C

  • Colocalization of Pcdh15 with harmonin was found at the base of the photoreceptor outer segment, where newly synthesized disk membranes are present [9].
  • Our findings show that USH1C mutations can also cause non-syndromic deafness and that some harmonin isoforms are specifically required for inner ear function [10].
  • Analysis of all the markers in the USH1C region flanked by D11S1397 and D11S1888 on the J1 somatic cell hybrid panel localized USH1C to the upper half of chromosome 11p14 [12].
  • AIE-75 was predominantly distributed in the epithelial cells of the luminal surface and the upper half of the crypts of the intestine and in the proximal renal tubulus [13].
  • Three of the 48 antigens showed a differential pattern of mRNA expression, with NY-CO-27 (galectin-4) expressed primarily in gastrointestinal tract, and NY-CO-37 and -38 showing a pattern of tissue-specific isoforms [14].

Associations of USH1C with chemical compounds

  • We and others recently reported that the scaffold protein harmonin (USH1C-gene product) integrates all identified USH1 molecules in a USH1-protein network [15].
  • In one family, congenital profound deafness without RP was associated with a C to G transversion in the alternatively spliced exon D, predicting an arginine to proline substitution at codon 608 in the proline-, serine- and threonine-rich region of harmonin [10].
  • Screening of proteins that bound to PDZ domains of AIE-75 by a yeast two hybrid system showed that three serine/threonine phosphatase catalytic subunits (PP2AC-alpha, PP2AC-beta, and PPP6C) could bind to AIE-75 [3].
  • We have cloned a human cDNA, DELGEF (deafness locus associated putative guanine nucleotide exchange factor), derived from a 225 kb genomic sequence of chromosome 11p14, critical for the Usher 1C syndrome and for DFNB18, a locus for non-syndromic sensorineural deafness [16].
  • Otog, the gene encoding otogelin, a glycoprotein specific to all the acellular membranes of the inner ear, is also localized to mouse Chr 7, but in a region more proximal to the twister mutation, homologous to the short arm of human Chr 11 (11p15) carrying the two deafness loci, DFNB 18 and USH C [17].

Physical interactions of USH1C

  • MCC2 protein binds the first PDZ domain of AIE-75 with its C-terminal amino acids -DTFL [18].

Other interactions of USH1C

  • A previous screening of 18 unrelated USH1 patients, without a detected MYO7A mutation, for the three USH1C mutations described to date had demonstrated the presence of the 238-239insC mutation in the heterozygous state in four of them [19].
  • Recently, the USH1C gene was shown to encode harmonin, a PDZ domain-containing protein [19].
  • By molecular modeling, we provide evidence that this mutation impairs the interaction of SANS with harmonin [20].
  • Since the MCC1 does not bind to AIE-75 and the MCC2 displays different expression patterns in various organs compared to MCC1, they appear to play distinct roles in cells [18].
  • PURPOSE: To search for patients with Usher syndrome type IC among those with Usher syndrome type I who reside in New England. METHODS: Genotype analysis of microsatellite markers closely linked to the USH1C locus was done using the polymerase chain reaction [21].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of USH1C


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