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Gene Review

RPH3A  -  rabphilin 3A

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Exophilin-1, KIAA0985, Rabphilin-3A, exophilin-1, rabphilin
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Disease relevance of RPH3A


High impact information on RPH3A

  • The core secondary structures are similar to a rabphilin-3A Zn2+-binding domain and to the C1 and LIM domains [3].
  • It is proposed to form a novel interface for a Rab11 partner compatible with the simultaneous binding of another partner at the Rabphilin interface [4].
  • Therefore, the Rab3-GAP-binding site involves the switch I region of Rab3 and overlaps with the Rabphilin-binding domain [5].
  • The membrane association of rabphilin-3A was modestly enhanced in Rab3B-expressing PC12 cells relative to Rab3A-overexpressing cells [6].
  • Overexpression of wild-type Rabphilin in the insulin-secreting cell line HIT-T15 did not affect receptor-mediated transferrin endocytosis [7].

Biological context of RPH3A


Anatomical context of RPH3A


Associations of RPH3A with chemical compounds

  • Identification as beta-adducin of a protein interacting with rabphilin-3A in the presence of Ca2+ and phosphatidylserine [8].
  • These results indicate that Rabphilin-3A binds to a protein molecule with a M(r) of 115 kDa through the C2 domain in the presence of phosphatidylserine and Ca2+ [15].
  • To identify a Rabphilin-3A-interacting protein, proteins were immunoprecipitated by an anti-Rabphilin-3A polyclonal antibody from the lysate of PC12 cells and subjected to sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis followed by protein staining [16].
  • In this study we demonstrated by a mutation analysis that the polybasic sequence (587 KKAKHKTQIKKK 598) in the C2B domain of rabphilin is required for SNAP-25 binding, and that the Asp residues in the Ca(2+)-binding loop 3 (D628 and D630) of the C2B domain are not required [17].
  • Accordingly, significant modification of the secretory responses was observed, at the cell population level, upon transient expression of the serotonin transporter and of proteins known to interfere with exocytosis, such as botulinum neurotoxin C1, GTPase-deficient Rab3 proteins, truncated Rabphilin constructs or Rim [18].

Physical interactions of RPH3A


Regulatory relationships of RPH3A


Other interactions of RPH3A


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of RPH3A


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