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Gene Review

SYNM  -  synemin, intermediate filament protein

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: DMN, Desmuslin, KIAA0353, SYN, Synemin
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Disease relevance of DMN


High impact information on DMN

  • These data suggest that this high molecular weight protein is closely associated with desmin and vimentin filaments in muscle cells; to indicate this, we have named the protein synemin, from the Greek oa uv (with) and v eta mu alpha (filament) [5].
  • The examples used were 1) exposure to DES and mammary carcinoma and 2) exposure to DMN and liver carcinoma [6].
  • Measurable CO2 was formed by bronchial explants from: 1) DMN, DEN, and NPy in all 4 patients; 2) DNP in 3 of 4 patients; and 3) NPd in only 1 of 4 patients [7].
  • Sequence analysis revealed that DMN has a short N-terminal domain, a conserved rod domain, and a long C-terminal domain, all common features of type 6 intermediate filament proteins [8].
  • Our findings suggest that DMN may serve as a direct linkage between the extracellular matrix and the Z-discs (through plectin) and may play an important role in maintaining muscle cell integrity [8].

Chemical compound and disease context of DMN


Biological context of DMN


Anatomical context of DMN

  • Immunofluorescent microscopy localizes DMN in a stripe-like pattern in longitudinal sections and in a mosaic pattern in cross sections of skeletal muscle [8].
  • These results indicate that synemin is an important IF protein in muscle cells that helps fortify the linkage between the peripheral layer of cellular myofibrils and the costameric regions located along the sarcolemma and the sarcolemma region located within the neuromuscular and myotendinous junctions (NMJs and MTJs) [13].
  • In normal rat and human livers, synemin immunoreactivity was found in HSCs, smooth muscle cells of hepatic arterioles, and nerve bundles in portal tracts, but not in portal fibroblasts [14].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Synemin forms heteropolymeric filaments with type-III IF proteins and acts as a bridging protein between IFs and a specific type of focal adhesions [14].
  • Low-resolution immunohistochemical analysis localizes beta-synemin within muscle along the sarcolemma, whereas confocal microscopic analysis further refines localization to the costamere and muscle Z-lines [15].

Associations of DMN with chemical compounds

  • In contrast, nine days of nicotine treatment reduced CART levels in the DMN as compared to saline controls [3].
  • Binding levels of DNP were as high as those with the two acyclic N-nitrosamines DMN and DEN, but binding levels of NPy and NPd were lower [7].
  • The actions of menadione on ROS production and cell fate were compared with those of a non-cycling analogue (2,4-dimethoxy-2-methylnaphthalene (DMN)) using real-time confocal microscopy of isolated perfused murine pancreatic acinar cells [16].
  • Furthermore, bile acid (taurolithocholic acid 3-sulfate)-induced caspase activation was also greatly increased by DMN, whereas DMN had no effect per se [16].
  • A small amount of a nitrosamine, N-nitrosodimethylamine (DMN), was detected in the stomach after a single dose of NaNO2 [17].

Physical interactions of DMN

  • By utilizing blot overlay assays, we show herein that synemin also interacts with the costameric protein vinculin [12].

Co-localisations of DMN


Regulatory relationships of DMN

  • Analysis of endogenous protein expression in SW13 clonal lines reveals that synemin is coexpressed and colocalized with vimentin IFs in SW13.C1 vim+ cells but is absent in SW13.C2 vim- cells [11].
  • DMN produced no change in reactive oxygen species per se but significantly potentiated menadione-induced effects, probably via enhancement of one-electron reduction, since DMN was found to inhibit NAD(P)H:quinone oxidoreductase detoxification [16].

Other interactions of DMN


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of DMN


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