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Gene Review

Narp  -  neuro activity regulated petaxin

Rattus norvegicus

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Biological context of Narp


Anatomical context of Narp

  • In contrast, labyrinth ablation did not affect Narp staining in Deiters' nucleus or the flocculonodular lobe of the cerebellum, presumably because these areas are driven by inputs from multiple systems [3].
  • Unexpectedly, we found robust Narp expression in several discrete areas linked to the vestibular system: the anterodorsal nucleus (ADN) of the thalamus, which relays head orientation information to the cortex, the lateral vestibulospinal (Deiters') nucleus and Purkinje cells in the flocculonodular lobe of the cerebellum [3].
  • The secretion of the neuronal activity-regulated pentraxin (Narp) by hippocampal axons is restricted to contacts with interneurons [7].
  • Opiate withdrawal induces Narp in the extended amygdala [4].
  • Use of the dnNarp mutants to suppress endogenous Narp expression by postsynaptic dendrites showed a complementary role for dendritic Narp in the clustering of synaptic AMPA receptors, as well as a reduction in the total number of excitatory synapses on transfected neurons [8].

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