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Gene Review

tetR  -  similar to protein family HMM PF02909

Escherichia coli

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Disease relevance of tetR


High impact information on tetR


Chemical compound and disease context of tetR

  • The interaction between E. coli RNA polymerase and the tetR promoter from pSC101, was studied by protection and premodification experiments, using dimethyl sulfate, methylation of single stranded cytosines, and DNAase I footprinting [1].
  • Clinical isolates of E. coli were examined successfully for tetracycline resistance and for the presence of tetR [11].
  • By transiently expressing a chimeric receptor containing Escherichia coli tetracycline repressor (TetR) and LXRbeta LBD and a reporter with a TetR binding site, we show that mutant F268A lost the ability to activate transcription of the reporter, whereas mutant T272A still has an activity similar to that of the wild-type LXRbeta [12].

Biological context of tetR


Anatomical context of tetR


Associations of tetR with chemical compounds

  • The Tn10 tetR gene encodes the repressor that regulates transcription of the Tn10 tetracycline resistance determinant [13].
  • All of these Atr mutations are located in the Tn10 tet region; the majority (18 of 20) have no effect on tetR repressor function [17].
  • An example is given in which a galK gene, lacking the normal initiator methionine codon, is fused to various segments of the 5' end of the tetR gene of pBR322 [18].

Other interactions of tetR

  • Subcloning, transposon mutagenesis, and DNA sequence analysis revealed that this DNA fragment contained two divergently transcribed genes, tetA and tetR, encoding products that were very similar to proteins of the Tet(A) class of tetracycline resistance systems [19].
  • In addition, it appears that E. coli cannot tolerate constitutive expression of the wild-type tetA gene from a multicopy plasmid containing a tetR deletion [17].
  • Tetracycline in the medium induces divergent transcription of the tetA and tetR genes within the transposon, and this transcription extends beyond the transposon in both directions into the bacterial genes [20].
  • The structural genes for tetA, the Tn10 tetracycline-resistance function, and for tetR, the Tn10 tet repressor, are transcribed in opposite directions from promoters in a regulatory region located between the two structural genes [21].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of tetR


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